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Thank you for joining us in finding our daughter born to us in India. 

Why India? Why now? Read the complete story here starting with the oldest post.

{The Timeline}

1/2009- Prayer for God to speak through visions and dreams concerning adoption. First dream.
4/2009- Second dream
5/2011- "Wait three more months"
7/2011- Our daughter arrives at the orphanage
8/2011- India announces new Hague accreditation and age requirement. We qualify. India soon closes adoptions to implement changes.
8/2011- America World opens India pilot program
1/2012- God softens parents' hearts. They are now supportive.
2/2012- India begins accepting applications
3/2012- Our daughter is legally free for adoption
3/23/2012- Initial application with agency (Kelley's birthday)

4/16/2012- Agency Contract and first payment mailed

4/17/2012- Initial application with home study agency
5/17/2012- First home study visit
5/30/2012- Second home study visit
6/29/2012- Miraculous news! We need no documentation from AZ! Woohoo!
7/11/2012- Final home study visit
8/1/2012- Register with India's CARA
8/1/2012- Submit I-800A to Immigration
8/2012- Friend spends a week with daughter in India
8/20/2012- Approval by CARA. Orphanage match begins.
9/4/2012- Matched with an orphanage in the state of Karnataka
9/5/2012- USCIS Fingerprinting
9/10/2012- USCIS 1-800A approval (found eligible to adopt!)
9/14/2012- Dossier arrives at orphanage
10/22/2012- Receive referral
10/25/2012- Accept referral (Jason's birthday)
11/2012- Money provided to pay referral fees
12/2012- Received a 17 minute video of our daughter
12/29/2012- USCIS approval
12/2012- Receive grant from The James Fund. So thankful!
1/28/2013- Approval letter from U.S. embassy (Article 5) to CARA
1/29/2013- R's measurements! We can do a little shopping! :)
3/25/2013- State level clearance (ARC) in India
5/2013- Fully funded!! What a miracle!
5/14/2013- Denial for No Objection Certificate (NOC)
5/20/2013- Official appeal submitted
7/2/2013- Denial overturned. NOC granted!!
8/30/2013- Awaiting court dates
10/4/2013- Court is finished!
10/10/2013- R's passport/our visas applied for
12/20/2013- THE PASSPORT HAS ARRIVED!! Travel prep underway!!
12/30/2013- Depart for India
01/02/2014- Meet R, our daughter of promise!
01/04/2014- Medical appointment in Delhi 
01/10/2014- Arrive HOME!