Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Taking Notes

All of my posts are still coming via my cell phone and all late at night after the work of the day is done and my eyes are weary. Tonight I pulled myself away from Mom's side at midnight to get some rest. This day has been so sacred.

Amazingly there is still no pain or distress despite the fact that her body is giving definite signs that it is shutting down. When Mom awoke this morning the first words from her mouth were, "First day in Heaven." She talked and sang all day about angels, a big breakfast being prepared and a new body. Really, it was all surreal. Some things were very clear and other things mysterious. The boldness and authority with which she prayed was astounding. There was so much. A few tears, much laughing and heaps of joy.

For about a week Mom has wrestled with what would be next. What would her body do? Would God miraculously heal and raise her from this sick bed or would He chose to end her time on Earth? Today the look in her eyes had changed and she definitively, excitedly declared that she was ready to go. "This is a process," she informed me. I always thought it would be a scary one, but I feel none of the fear or dread I had expected. In this valley where the shadow of death looms, the Hope ahead is so bright that it's casting out all fear. He is leading us and keeping His promises. I'm writing so much of it down with pen and paper. Never have I walked this closely with someone to Heaven. It's such an honor.

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