Friday, March 24, 2017

Living and Dying Grace

On Wednesday I finally made it back to Mom and Dad's. Levi was sick the beginning of the week with what seemed like a stomach bug so I stayed back for a day or so to make sure that we didn't share germs. Feeling fine Lerah and I left early Wednesday headed down to GA. I knew it already, but the feeding tube still wasn't working after multiple nurses and troubleshooting by a doctor. I'll spare details, but we found a way to get at least some water and nutrition to Mom.  

So many ask and so many are praying.  Mom is not in pain at all. She is a little uncomfortable from swelling but not in pain. Her demeanor is constantly one of joy and peace. I don't know how she does it. Today I almost lost my cool with a nurse, but Mom was so serene. She says it's dying grace. And God is pouring it out abundantly, daily. He is being so kind to us all in this gift to her. She is not suffering and that has been my earnest prayer. 

Tomorrow will be full with lots of family coming through.  So for tonight, rest and thankfulness.

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