Monday, March 13, 2017

Hospice Days

Tonight's update will be short. I'm working with only a cell phone and a wifi connection while Mom and I enjoy our first television show together. Since coming to Hospice the pressure and alarm of all of the news is settling. Mom's coloring has improved and she's able to stand and move for short amounts of time. In the hospital the first night after surgery Mom had blood clots in both lungs and had alarms constantly going off warning us of different things. It was high stress. Here at hospice there is only the sound of the oxygen machine and a few wires and tubes that Dad and I are being trained to care for. I am by no means nurse material but 'tis the season for stepping out of comfort zones.

Tomorrow items will be delivered to my childhood home and by Wednesday, if all continues as planned, we will move Mom home. I'm still taking notes on all the nurses are doing- threading, flushing, priming. That will be mine and Dad's job. Our goal tomorrow is a wheelchair ride through the center. We're learning to cherish the small things and gather up moments. These days are a gift to us, and we are so thankful!

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