Friday, March 17, 2017

Coming and Going

Since taking Mom home there has been a constant flurry of activity. Nurses coming in and out, friends stopping by, and my aunt and uncle (Mom's baby brother) arriving from Alabama. With Mom still so alert and not wanting anyone to fret over her, time with her is like a joyful challenge of figuring out how to covertly serve and comfort her. She is a dream patient oohing and ahhing over foot massages and shaved ice and chicken noodle soup broth.

Truth be told, though, I have been away from Mom now for a little over 24 hours. I made the six hour trip home to see Jason and the kids while my Aunt and Uncle assist Dad. Unfortunately I hadn't been gone but a few hours when trouble started. Mom's feeding tube stopped working and for the last 24 hours Dad, three nurses and various family have tried to get it fixed but to no avail. She is taking in minimal liquids by mouth so prayers have been going up fervently for an answer to this issue. The doctor is researching options but it will be Monday, we are told, before he will do anything. Again, mom is unphased. But, we are still working to find an answer!

I will be traveling back soon to be with them and in the meantime appreciate you joining us in praying for wisdom and strength. God is still raining down peace which is an absolute gift. Thank you to so many of you for asking Him for that on our behalf! He is hearing and giving!

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