Sunday, July 24, 2016


Last summer we found ourselves in the thick of home renovations and this summer has been no different. Our purchase of a fixer upper seems to need endless fixing upping. In June we moved out again for more major repairs and renovations. Now, finally, we have only about 10 more projects left to finish. That's progress! We'll spare you the living-out-of-suitcases pictures and share some from our last few weeks. 

Our trip down to South Georgia was good and refreshing. There was family and amazing food and down time. Even going to the grocery store my heart was warmed. Where else in all the world can you find candy apples year round?! I got so giddy I took a picture.

Over our 4th of July weekend, we visited our favorite beaches on Jekyll Island. We saw baby sharks, crabs, shrimp and all sorts of fish that people were pulling up in nets on the shore. 

Celebrating the annual fish fry with some of our favorite people!

A few weeks ago I got to have a reunion with this dear friend. Years ago I was blessed to take part in the reunion of Abraham with his mom in Ethiopia. At six he'd fled his war torn country and became known as a Sudanese lost boy. Nineteen years later we got to see a miracle happen as he held his mother and she held her son. Truly it's an honor to know this man!

Their camp of choice this year was a July soccer camp. Both profited greatly from the week as Reshma came away with new skills and Levi came away with a new good buddy.

And finally, one of the kids' summer challenges was to write and produce a play. This past Thursday night twenty people gathered to watch the production that has made their summer so rich. Jason and I might be in the minority now but we're sticking to our guns about creativity and outdoor play over apps and tv time. Some days the battle is without much fighting and other days there's combat but when they really think about it they know creating their own entertainment is worth the struggle.

There is more to come before the month's end. MANY changes are taking place and I look forward to sharing a bit more!