Saturday, February 27, 2016


Today, February 26th, marks 11 years of marriage for us. That's a really long time. I'm pretty sure we should be pros by now. 

But, not yet.

I'm not sure if you're like us, but it is interesting how even small differences can lead to big discussions. The first time we attended a Weekend to Remember was in our second year of marriage. We came away refreshed. This time, we came away shaking our heads. We've so much to still learn. The gist of the conference was dying to yourself- submitting yourself to do marriage God's way even if your spouse is not reciprocating. It's a call to live different and reliant. And, it's not easy. There was so much talk about how much God cares for marriages and how the enemy despises them. I'm not sure where my doubt crept in but sometimes a lot of head knowledges longs for equal heaps of heart knowledge to know the truth. I needed a good dose of heart knowledge that God did care and could help us concerning one discussion Jason and I might as well be on a merry-go-round about.

And, there, right in the middle of talking and me secretly begging God to shed some light and show his pleasure for our marriage, He did. As clear as day I saw a picture in my mind that explained so much of this little puzzle I have been trying to solve for years. And unlike before, I was filled with compassion and humbled. God does care for marriages. Last Saturday night my heap of heart knowledge on that fact was poured out. Jesus, indeed, champions marriages. He gives such good gifts and longs for us to steward them well. But we can't do it well without relying on him relentlessly. 

We have experienced 11 years of adventure and goodness. Tonight we celebrated with food and prayer and cleaning up dog pee. I've made it my goal this year to speak love better in Jason's language. While Jason's desire and our new lab ownership is a long, soon to be shared, story, that puppy is a very physical sign of dying to myself and loving Jason in a language he understands. So bring on the other baby dog responsibilities, learning this love language is worth the work!

If you've never been to a Weekend to Remember, we can't recommend it enough. Family Life does such an excellent job with these weekends. Check out the link here to learn more and find out if a weekend might be hosted in a city near you. They didn't even pay us to say that. The weekends are just that good.