Saturday, January 2, 2016

Two Years of Forever

Two years ago we were in India meeting our daughter of promise for the first time. Here, in our very first writing from our meeting, we described her as sweet, spunky and beautiful. The description was spot on and now two years later we'd only change the description to read sweet, SPUNKY and beautiful. Our girl's got personality. She's outgoing. She knows what she thinks and is very confident to tell anyone who'll listen. She's an organizer and has learned from years of taking on big responsibility. She is a people person and being by herself almost drives her mad. If she had to choose to do anything during her free time she'd be coloring, painting or playing a game of some sort and most likely winning. Our girl has astounding luck and some incredible athletic abilities... Really, if only we were gambling people, man, we think we could be wealthy...monetarily speaking! 

January 2014
October 2015
For some it might be easy to romanticize adoption or admire people who adopt. For others it's simply not something they give much thought to because they could never see themselves walking that road. And still some stand in total disagreement because they can imagine or have seen the difficulties firsthand. 

The most significant lesson we have learned from these last two years is that obedience costs everything. Our personal comforts. Our idea of what things will be like. Our former family dynamics and the breaking of everything we are. But obedience is always worth it. Our beautiful, sweet, spunky girl has changed and humbled us. The grieving, the bonding, the parenting has all been new, hard territory to cover. But her precious heart has won us. She is forever ours and we are forever hers no matter how imperfect. 

Today we celebrated big. We wore ourselves out jumping and running and holding hands and laughing at silly inside jokes. It was a good day. Those are coming more and more frequently and for it we are so thankful.

Then, we feasted. We hoped by now great Indian food would be the norm from our own kitchen but, truth be told, we still all get giddy over getting to eat the really good stuff from our favorite Indian restaurant. 

Next stop was a great toy store to find something with gift cards the kids got for Christmas. Reshma came away with an expected favorite, a board game, and Levi was only focused on his newest obsession, Octonaut gups.

No Indian celebration is complete without the women getting decked in some henna. This gift from last Christmas is still being used to help us perfect our hand at the intricate designs. Lerah, in training, watched from the confines of her crib.

We have all grown and changed dramatically in these two years. Today it was good to remember not only the past but also to celebrate the time ahead to continue to learn and grow together!

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The Frisks said...

I absolutely love seeing all of the pictures and miss you guys.