Saturday, January 9, 2016

Looking Back and Ahead

In 2014 we added two daughters to our family, faced emergency surgery for Jason and entered our last year in our on-campus job. We never knew 2015 would equal if not even surpass the previous year in it's eventfulness.
Holi 2015

Jason's younger brother's wedding

When Levi was three we watched him struggle with sleep apnea. After a visit with a pediatrician and ENT specialist, we knew he'd have to have surgery to remove his huge tonsils. Early in 2015 our boy showed incredible courage during surgery.

Levi recovered quickly and we soon wrapped up a school year and packed our apartment all up. Jason had turned in his resignation months earlier but there were still so many unknowns of where we'd live or work yet we knew it was time for the transition. It was yet another step of faith. There was one home we began dreaming about. It was simple but was within sight of our campus apartment and would keep us close to the same community. It was next door to Reshma's reading tutor with land and at a cul-de-sac with little traffic. One hundred acres were nestled right next to it for exploring. It became our dream and a property we walked by countless times asking if God would allow us to purchase. But, it wasn't for sale. And though it was vacant, the owner wasn't ready.

A lot of prayer, bold asking on Jason's part and a good measure of kindness from the owner's family gave way to the incredible answer of yes. They would sell it to us and it could be home for our new season. We moved in the day before Reshma entered 5th grade and Levi kindergarten.

It was a fixer upper and over the months of July, August and September we poured blood, sweat and tears into the walls and floors. We still have a list of projects but the biggest ones are thankfully behind us.

Front door view before
Front door view after
Really, that's the same house! Most of the work was done by Jason with a little help from the rest of us. It's a blessing to call this place home and see our kids playing in their very own yard with plenty of space both inside and out.

Through all the transition and changes we're aiming for a year of simplicity. To finish projects and unpack those last boxes. To invest in becoming the healthiest we can be. To simplify everything and to be really present with each other.

That would be an incredible new year! Hope yours is off to a great start!

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