Friday, January 29, 2016


A few pictures from our week including last weekend's wintery fun. 

Lerah's first time really getting to experience snow. She didn't like gloves or layers of clothes and she definitely didn't like the snow. She's normally so joyful. We never would have guessed it?!

This month we started working through a new experiment with chores and responsibilities. One of the kids' new roles is chef as they help plan, purchase and prepare one meal a month. This was Chef Reshma's night!

Admiring our new backyard covered in snow the true South Georgia way. 

Coming back from exploring in the neighborhood with the ever essential hot chocolate in hand. 

We still have our snow picture from two years ago hanging on the fridge. It's amazing the differences both physically and emotionally that have taken place between those two pictures! Such great progress!

It's amazing what can make you giddy. Late night shopping trips with my dear cousin topped the week as a favorite. This girl inspires me in her faith and her faithfulness! If only Alabama wasn't so far away!

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