Thursday, December 31, 2015


Well, friends, it finally happened. During our long break from recording life here, a whole host of things changed for us. The most significant, by far, being our graduation from campus living. 

We loved the work, the people and the purpose but for everything there is a season. Growing as a family meant the time had come. It's taken us some six months to settle in to the present but so many times we've breathed deep peace knowing that this sabbatical season is exactly what every part of us needed. 

Life as five has been plenty full. Since we last shared we've had surgery for one, hospital trips for two, and spent three months living with Jason's parents while we purchased and renovated a home. All this while expanding Jason's small business to full time employment.  Thankfully we are all well now and settling in to the new routines and place we call home. 

Join us this week here on the blog as we share some of our favorite stories and highlights from 2015 and look ahead to a refreshing new year! 

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