Sunday, February 8, 2015

Six: The Synopsis

And, we're back. We reunited the new family of six last night and drove home in a half empty minivan. The only casualties of the week involved a palm plant that survived spider mites this summer but was no match for a daring two year old and a paci that got dunked in toilet water. One kid did jump in a full tub in clean diaper and pajamas but that being the most alarming thing equaled success in my book! 

The newest addition 

Kids can keep you laughing. A few of my favorite quotes from the week: 

When going in finding one cleaning the floor with a hand towel the kid admitted sheepishly, "I for-dot to aim my wee wee."

When served a new kind of noodles for lunch one said, "Smells like seaweed... Looks like seaweed... Doesn't taste much better than seaweed." I concurred and the healthy noodles got tossed for PB & Js. I'm all for being healthy but those noodles did not live up to their "tasty" Amazon reviews.

Play dough time during supper prep. 
Notice the two-year-old is missing-- never a good thing!

Nightly reading

Lots of muffin experts

Exploring and leaf boats.

We discovered a new favorite game that saved my sanity one night between dinner, baths and movie night. Reshma and her school friends came up with this simple, quiet statue game that kept kids two to ten quiet and engaged for 45 mins! 

Reshma's Statue Game

Rules for play: A leader is chosen to begin calling out an object for everyone to imitate. The leader closes his/her eyes and counts to five while all players assume a frozen position looking like the named object. The leader finishes counting and watches for movement or laughter and can even try to get people to laugh with the rule being that the leader can't touch any players. The first player to win five rounds becomes the leader. Here's what it looked like at our house:

Makin it happen... Exercise with five!

First trip eating at our school's cafeteria

Tonight we'll clean up a bit to prepare for meetings here in the morning and school to resume tomorrow. Lots of naps here this afternoon and smiles as we remember all that happened in the exciting week we just had.

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