Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Once upon a time I was intentionally writing down our kids' quotes. Here lately I've been storing them in my mind but that's a dangerous place for anything these days. The few I can remember are still there because they were just that, memorable. 

Mr. Personality has taken the lead in quotes and I've found myself saying things to him I never imagined I'd have to say. Levi, quit eating raisins with your toes. 

Please put the booger in the napkin. He obeys while looking longingly at the napkin and finally can't keep his thoughts contained, that'd be delicious

Reshma has had a few of her own with our favorite at the cafeteria where she had to pick out a green veggie at the salad bar. How many weggies, Mom?  

We lost Levi at church skate night a few weeks ago. After looking EVERYWHERE in the skating rink, I was panicked. Wouldn't you know the caped crusader was in the far corner of the arcade pretending to drive a race car? My words were on repeat: You scared me. Don't you ever do that again. To which he responded,  Mom, where'd you think I'd be?

The kids are into Disney Fairies lately. And in case you didn't know, the next movie comes out on DVD March 3rd, The Legend of the Neverbeast. {I for sure never thought I'd be advertising for fairies.} Every time Reshma tries to say pixie dust, I chuckle. It comes out more like piss-key dusk and we all go on just like that's the normal way to say it.

Lerah speaks, kind of. And somehow the siblings send signals through closed doors. She starts cooing in the morning and they're all up. But who wouldn't get up to spend some time with this precious?

Sometimes she's bummed school is cancelled. If snow is involved, there is nothing but smiles. 

When Levi thought he and Reshma couldn't hang out with their friend Kat he stomped away and I heard his words trail off, I am so fust-er-ated about this.

He didn't have to stay fust-er-ated long.

I'm committing to write the coming quotes down because some of the laugh-out-loud moments have been lost between my good intentions and poor memory. But for the few I remember, I had to share the smiles. They keep coming and as they do, I'll trust paper and an occasional blogpost to ensure we don't forget!

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