Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ringing in the New Year

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday (hear Cinderella's Gus Gus)!! Seems like it has been long enough to have to say all of that... Really and truly 2014 was a year of major transitions and growing pains...the hardest year for marriage, parenting and mentoring that we've had yet. But thankfully we've emerged from the fog into 2015 with gratitude, excitement and a growing family bond.  Here's our photo journal of these last few weeks.

December 23- First family pets! These fish arrived a few days before Christmas and are great for helping kids get really still and really sleepy.

December 24- Christmas Eve service & our first decent picture as a family of five.

Our two blessings from 2014.

December 25- We think our kids set a record for sleeping in by not waking until 8 am. With all of us scrambling to get to the family Christmas party by 8:30, we didn't get any pictures of the kids and their reactions to presents. Reshma's favorite gifts were a mendhi set, Frozen microphone and flying fairy. Levi's was a new bike and Bruder excavator. Lerah gagged on her new, fancy paci and didn't seem too impressed with any outfit or trinket that came her way. I carried the excitement for us both.

December 27- Family cabin time! Every other year both of our families come together for quality time. This year we got to celebrate Jason's youngest brother's recent engagement! This picture was taken in the middle of crunch time for check-out...thus the less-than-jovial, not-quite-ready faces.

January 1- Finally, we were about finished with the tree house! Building onto the treehouse Jason had as a boy, he collected free bits and pieces of wood and old swing set parts to make a great new place for the kids to play. 

January 2- While there will be a longer post on this coming, this day marked one year together with Reshma. Many call it Forever Family Day. We celebrated quietly by spending time in the kitchen making Reshma's favorite food, Chicken Biryani with yogurt sauce (raita) and chapati and playing some of her favorite games. A few days earlier she got to have her first pedicure as we celebrated a friend's birthday.

January 3- The kids have named their professions. Reshma, for this year, is pretty set on being a teacher if the artist route doesn't pan out while Levi has been proudly announcing that he'd like to be a doctor. Never mind that he physically covers his eyes when he's been with me and Reshma to get shots. And Lerah...we're thinking professor. Seems fitting after being born at a university, huh?! 

January 4- Aunt Bekah arrived for a week's stay while Jason headed out for another busy RA retreat.

January 5- My dad survived a heart attack! Bekah, Lerah and I drove six hours that Monday to be with him, and I was overjoyed to find he and Mom doing okay after the harrowing ordeal. 

My cousin Bekah manages a store for a large retail chain. On the drive down to see Dad she was on the phone with work when this happened. This wall came down filled with glass framed art. The timing was unfortunate with the vice president of the entire company set to arrive the next day. EEK!  

January 6- Meanwhile, Jason juggled meal prep and led sessions for about thirty people all with Levi in the mix to allow me time with Dad in Georgia. 

January 7- After driving another six hours back, Levi and I got to sit in on Reshma's Montessori classroom time which deserves a post all it's own because that classroom is AMAZING! Because I've become somewhat of a germaphobe this flu season, Lerah and a friend had a great time staying germ-free in the van!

January 9- Finally back from retreat, Jason got to relax with a few students doing one of his favorites- snowboarding in really cold temperatures.

January 16- And finally bringing us up-to-date, Levi has been begging to try gymnastics. We found a place to try a trial run on Friday, and he ran solid for an hour LOVING it!