Friday, November 7, 2014

Three in a Row

Goodness, with three of our family's five birthdays falling in October's latter two weeks, this particular year's celebrations felt a little more like a birthday gauntlet run than the fun season I hope it will become. With the help of friends and family though, we made this year's run memorable.

Weeks before Jason's birthday he said the only thing he wanted was Lerah's arrival. She came with eight days to spare leaving just enough time for this mama to recoup and coordinate a little birthday dinner with the family complete with Jason's favorite cake from a local bakery (chocolate cake, chocolate icing and peanut butter layers!) and a fun coupon book from the kids.

Next up came Halloween festivities. Knowing we wouldn't have time to make fun costumes (remember last year when Levi was a saltine cracker?!) in early October we ordered some. But when we got an email right before Lerah's arrival saying Reshma's couldn't be shipped, Mimi came to the rescue and sewed together a super cute Elsa-esque costume for our girl's first chance getting dressed up and going door-to-door for candy.

The great blue and white creation made an appearance the next day too at Reshma's MUCH anticipated 10th birthday party. Since Levi's party in April Reshma has talked and dreamed about what her first birthday in America would be like. We decided with so many friends coming we'd combine the celebration with her dedication. The results were an incredibly meaningful day and a hugely celebrated little girl.

Roller skates...just what she wanted!
Entrusted to our care by Jesus, we acknowledge that she is His
and that we will do everything we can to honor Him in her upbringing. 

In the week since all the festivities, we've rested and cleaned and rested some more. Finally tonight we made it to our first real commitment-- our students' final Warrior Run for this year's soccer games. Guess which two cuties got to join in the fun?!

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