Thursday, November 13, 2014


It's November-- the middle of apple season and the month set aside for focusing on adoption, giving thanks and beginning the Christmas season. We've discovered a few things lately pertinent to this month.

Apples. Visiting friends recently introduced us to their newfound gadget love. It being apple season they brought in a bag of apples and wowed us with an apple corer/peeler/slicer. And what's more, they left it as a gift when they headed home! Apples have now become as favored a fruit as bananas if not moreso which is saying a lot to oust banana man from his top spot. We've become like walking salesmen for this little gadget. So while it's still apple season, run on over to Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond or Amazon and pick up one for yourself! We don't think you'll regret it!

Community and Truth. Most Tuesday mornings for the last two years I've had the privilege of meeting with a group of incredible moms. Tuesdays are a highlight of my week because of these friends. We've shared a lot together and this year, one by one, have announced our pregnancies to each other with some of us due in the same week. Constantly I'm amazed by the challenges from these ladies and the resources they know about. The website is one of the latest discoveries that has been an incredible blessing and good change up for Bible reading. I'm pretty excited about the advent study that's to come too!

Also this week, I really appreciated a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers about the topic of church and community. It's a discussion Jason and I dialogue about often and the read was a great one. You can find it here and weigh in with your thoughts.

Adoption. It's National Adoption Awareness Month. Many families and churches are considering this calling, being challenged on this issue. Probably every mom in the adoption realm has heard about this post, but recently a blog post entitled The Ugly Side of Adoption caught my eye and after reading it, even days later, I am deeply encouraged and agree more and more with the wisdom offered in those words!

Talent. When the need arises for new wood furniture in our home, Jason is our custom builder. It's one of his many talents having successfully built our T.V. cabinet, book shelf and kids' loft bed. A few months ago when we started talking about the need for a buffet table, his visionary juices started flowing. From cutting down the tree, milling the wood and designing the table/bench, this was his finished product. He even made his own wooden pegs to hold it all tightly together. He's got some skills...and a really thankful wife.

Heroes. Just yesterday we got to visit the EMS workers who came to our aid a few weeks ago. We said thank yous in person and found out some new, interesting facts about that night. With the exception of assisting once in a delivery, Lerah was actually this teams first delivery flying solo. How grateful we all were for their training that paid dividends in helping us welcome our girl! And did I mention that they read our blog post?! Every time I looked at Michael I kept thinking, you know I called you a traumatized teenage boy. Eek! :) If you're reading this now, know that I meant it for comic relief in the best way possible! You look young for your age, man!

Our heroes!
Kids. And because no post would be complete without the latest from our kiddos, here are a few of our favorites from the month so far.
Pajama twins! 
Levi and his mini me
These two love having a baby in the house and sometimes have to paper-rock-scissors for who holds her first. Just last week Reshma asked, "Can we keep her forever" and I overheard Levi saying, "I've just fallen in love with you." At almost four weeks she's still a novelty and quite possibly the most even-tempered baby I've ever been around. What a joy and blessing she is to us all!

Alicia Tegen always wows us with her talent! 

And for one picture maybe not so pertinent to November, today during preschool I found the way to my four year old boy's funny bone. This part of the book Owen by Kevin Henkes had Levi in stitches belly laughing over and over. Unfortunately I think it may have given him some ideas and am hopeful our pictures of the kids in the month to come don't include any reenactments.

Finally, a picture I found this week that seems appropriate for throwback Thursday. Right after Jason and I were engaged we took a school trip to work with a Bible school, visit an orphanage and go on a safari in Zambia, Africa. Here we are flying down the tarmac with our team leaders way back around 2004.

Happy Thursday...and November! Enjoy all those apples with your new corer/peeler/slicer! ;)

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