Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family Photos

My creative juices for post titles are running low these days, huh?! When a friend recently visited from out of state she brought her camera along and asked if she could take some maternity and family pictures for us. We squeezed in picture time between talking and before the Indian celebration we attended. Between Levi and his binoculars (he tried to pull them out for so many pictures) and Reshma's stomach being ready for tasty Indian food, here are some of our favorites she got.

Toward the end of photos and the most genuine smiles we were gonna get!

Our kids true feelings sans binoculars and food...

 He genuinely does this several times a week and even has said, "I love you because you have a baby in your tummy." I take what I can get.

She is such a daddy's girl!

Tomorrow I go for my 39 week appointment. While there are no indications other than that number that Lerah's arrival is imminent, we've been working away trying to get as many projects finished up as possible. We'll keep things updated here as things progress and anticipate that our next photos will be of welcoming our fifth!