Sunday, September 28, 2014

Love, Joy, Shingles and 37 Weeks

We are alive and home again after a weekend away. Tiny Tegen #3 is still cozy with no sign at 37 weeks of any early surprises which in our opinion is somewhat unfortunate. 

With Levi we debated and talked names until the moment he was born and we saw his face. With Reshma we knew we'd keep her given name and decided pretty early on her two middle names for their significance. This time, with the third, and the reality of just becoming a family of four only to start preparing to climb to five, we didn't even really talk names until I passed six months and frantically started looking through every website and book I could get my hands on. Jason named some of his favorites, I named mine and none really matched. We love and long for significance with names. There was one name, however, that kept coming up over and over again. Years ago realizing my maiden name wouldn't really be carried on, I wrote it out forward and backward and abbreviated and loved one variation of it. But the one I loved and eventually shared with Jason and he loved seemed a little silly to me. So we searched and searched for other names and every time came back to this one variation. Finally, a month or so ago Jason called us to a decision with both of us knowing this one name was our very favorite.
Lerah- (rhymes with Sarah) from my maiden name
Joy- from Jason's mom's middle name and what we pray she epitomizes
The closest meanings for Lerah we found were of Spanish, Russian and South African origin. Lerato, the South African name, means love. But really our origin is just from a precious line of people we call family. 

I'm at weekly appointments now and the recurring question lately, after measuring a little small, is if I feel that the baby is growing. Confidently I can say that Lerah is quickly outgrowing her space...

36 weeks
37 weeks

These last weeks have been ticking by quickly with all that's been going at our place. A few weeks ago after being bit by a spider and having localized swelling, Jason started developing a rash with strange symptoms which turned out to be exactly what we diagnosed, shingles. After a round of medicine and rest, he's much better. The kids managed to avoid getting chicken pox from his shingles virus but opted for colds instead. On one particular day with Levi feverish and tired of his runny nose, Jason rigged a homemade remedy.

Feeling better and ready for some fresh air with friends
Thankfully Reshma didn't come down with symptoms until days later which meant she felt fantastic for the much-anticipated Indian dance we took her to. With amazing food, a host of Indian college students and Jason's brother's girlfriend to introduce us to people and show us the ropes, Reshma soaked in every moment of the evening. It's hard to see the room full of students dancing but you can for sure see our girl dancing her heart out.

This weekend after a full week and everyone starting to feel better, we packed up and headed for some friends to share an Azerbaijani meal. It's been eight years since we lived there but the food still brings back a flood of memories. Too bad our kids aren't as fond of the stolichny, dolma, mimosa or tandeer bread. This picture makes me smile. Can you see their Azeri food love?!

Finally, on the way back home today we were able to see our favorite newlyweds and share cinnamon rolls, my latest craving, at an IKEA furniture display. 

Tomorrow we have a day off of the routine with unpacking, no school and a new chore chart to implement! Hope your week gets off to a great start as well!

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I love her name! It's beautiful.