Friday, September 5, 2014

August Pictures

Moving into September, there are a few photos and memories from August we'd rather not forget...or lose! 

This night our kids were entertained for a really long time with games made up using a single roll of tape! 

This beauty caught Levi's eye one morning as we drove by our local consignment store. I told him we couldn't buy it but somehow let myself be talked into stopping on our way back through town since it was still there hours later. Covered in mold and quite nasty, the store was planning to throw it out and told us it was free for the taking. Levi was ELATED and hours of scrubbing later this free beauty is now part of his bedroom Man Cave area much to his dad's dismay.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my profile through a car glass or my shadow from the sun and I'm amazed by the sweet, big basketball hiding in my belly. Our littlest love is 34 weeks developed and the Braxton Hicks, insomnia and growing inability to bend remind me that we are getting super close. We officially have her name decided and will look forward to sharing with a few home stretch pictures soon.

What can we say...we ADORE this guy?!

Opposites attract. This picture is such a case in point.

Here's the incredible, like-minded group that Jason has the privilege of working with this year!

At a recent birthday party there was a full-size cotton candy machine, and we all enjoyed the sweet treats!

Lately this has been Jason's consistent look when he gets home from a round of mowing-- not amused and covered from head to toe.

Our millennials doing their work together this past Saturday. ABC Mouse for one and Rosetta Stone English for the other!

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