Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School Days

So whatever happened to that long, school update? Finally we can share all the good that's happened in the last week and a half.

Last week really was an exciting time getting used to new routines and a lot more structure. Reshma was a champ going into her classroom and taking everything in stride though it was hard leaving her for the whole first day wondering if she would be okay. Though she's super outgoing and pretty happy-go-lucky, we kind of expected a call because surely she was overwhelmed or crying or just in need of us. But, she made it through her first day with only a quivering lip as we waved goodbye from her homeroom door.

Levi, meanwhile, was excited for some one-on-one attention and really has loved playing with toys and getting to watch his daily episode of Paw Patrol. We did start Pre-K work in the mornings which has been going swimmingly. He even pulled a History book from the shelf this week and asked if we could read! Forget simple ABCs, our boy wants to learn about Ancient Greece...for a few minutes at a time anyway.

But, while Reshma was adjusting to public school and Levi to being the only kid at home, I couldn't shake the thought I had the first day walking into Reshma's classroom- somethings not right. Knowing where our girl is academically, the middle-schoolesque posters and books and classroom made me think some changes might need to happen. Sure enough Monday morning Jason, Levi and I were sitting in the principal's office talking options. And, lo and behold, this precious school where we enrolled our daughter listened, took immediate action and made some INCREDIBLE provisions to make sure Reshma gets all of the foundational pieces that need to be put into place before any of those huge 4th grade textbooks will make much sense. It's gonna take longer hours reviewing at home, but we are so pleased with the one-on-one attention she'll be getting including some time in a multi-age Montessori classroom! She's taken the new tweaks to her schedule in stride and is loving all of the social interaction and activities. Especially art and library time!

In fact, just this week on a trip to the local library she insisted on getting a "big book" to read like her 4th grade peers, and she's been thumbing through the pages every chance she gets.

Finally that nagging feeling is gone with a lot of gratitude and excitement taking it's place. There's a rhythm being set for the year and what seems to be a great plan that's working well for our kids in this season!  

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