Friday, August 15, 2014

InstaFriday, Round II

The sporadic post has returned with a few not-so-instagramed pictures and a few non-existent pictures from the last (few) weeks:

Whew! Summertime is wiping me out. Maybe it's because I have a lower threshold for busy, but the last few weeks have felt slammed slap full. 

There was the kids' first movie at the theater compliments of the grandparents while Jason and I enjoyed time away in the mountains...

Followed closely by VBS, dance camp, daily reading tutoring and the beginning of RA retreat all within a week's time...

...and this week full of students slowly arriving, training, food prep for thirty people at meals and some back-to-school shopping. 

Sleepover night at retreat for the kids!

Group hike to a waterfall. This guy was leading the pack on the way back!
Fueling up at our favorite Indian restaurant during back-to-school shopping

And the missing pictures- Jason's iphone going in the lake during retreat, finishing touches on the community apartment, the stack of keys already handed out to students, and touring Reshma's new school then meeting her teacher.

Hooray for routines coming next week even though they involve early mornings. Pre-K at home and 4th grade at public school pictures to come!

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