Sunday, July 27, 2014

That Summer List

Between shoveling gravel, a week of camps and an out-of-state trip, we've REALLY enjoyed this semi-quiet Saturday. A lot has happened in July with many things slowly getting crossed off our summer wish list. Here are a few of the favorites we actually captured...

-Swim at the lake. 

We were invited to visit friends who were staying at a castle cabin and had a blast relaxing, swimming and playing.

-"First" tooth.

While this wasn't on the wish list it was a big deal to us as Reshma lost her first tooth since being with us. While it's not her true first, we are really thankful to still have time to celebrate these coming-of-age events complete with fun traditions of tooth fairies visiting in the night! Reshma requested $10 for her tooth but the tooth fairy was setting a precedence and negotiated a better deal for the bloody tooth.

-Visit family in Alabama. 

We made it to see lots of relatives a few states away and as a bonus we got to stop in at a conference on the way to surprise my dad and see him get a really special award!

-Spend time at IKEA. 

That one really wasn't on our list either...but with the renovation project going on in the apartments some returns and purchases were par for the course.

-Summer camp! 

The kids looked forward to this week for almost two months and finally got to enjoy soccer (Levi) and a local day camp (Reshma). The week gave us a glimpse of what early school mornings will look like...and we're glad to have a break before the early days start in earnest.

Levi, to the right, is conserving energy watching his teammates run circles around him.


We have two more small projects and everything will be FINISHED! Just the last day or so here's what we've been working on. The first picture is after renovations but before wall decor was up. The second is a panoramic of the awesome cityscape Jason created with Duct tape! When the tables are done we'll have a full renovation post.

-Finish apartment projects.

Here are a few of the tons of rocks that have transformed our apartment complex. Jason's a true visionary seeing what would make the apartments both look and function better. The benches and gravel were additions to our area this summer.

This week looks promising for finishing projects up, resuming summer school and taking the fun maternity glucose-test. We'll be excited to share the before and afters from this summer's work.

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Peter and Nancy said...

A full summer for you! I am so happy for the firsts, like the Tooth Fairy, that Reshma gets to experience with you -- what fun for her! And you can pursue alternative sugar sources to avoid that gross orange drink . . . a friend of mine's midwife had her eat a candy bar instead!