Friday, July 4, 2014

Six Months

We totally missed it Wednesday on our six month anniversary. On Thursday sitting around the table with parents we realized that we've been home six months with our girl!! We waded through some intense spiritual warfare, scrimped and saved, kept faith through discouraging seasons and FINALLY we have her home. We've said it often vaguely but getting her home was only the beginning of the real journey. The last six months have been beautiful, rich and incredibly difficult. We've learned a lot about parenting, our own selfishness and God's heart of adoption that led us down this road. A whole lot of change has happened in between these two pictures.

Both Jason and I agree we're glad the harder days are behind us and the new normal has emerged. Good things are happening in all our hearts and even though six months came Wednesday without much fanfare other than Chick-fil-a, lemonade and a lot of bathroom breaks during a long car trip, we celebrated the milestone at week's end in an unexpected way. Reshma, all on her own, came up to give each of us a hug and say, "I'm really glad you're my Mom and Dad." It was an incredible, undeserved marker for a short six months together! We know the pendulum might swing in the opposite direction and back again over the next few years, but it sure is nice to hear evidence of bonding after all the changes and growing pains of the last six months.

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