Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Summer List

A few weeks ago we all added a few ideas to a wish list for what our summer will look like. There are about twenty or so things ranging from fishing to hanging in hammocks to eating ice cream at a local creamery. In between the fun we're still working through Math, Reading, Writing and Science all summer giving our best attempt to prepare our girl for PUBLIC SCHOOL next year! We finally made the decision after talking to our school's guidance counselor and are excited to see how the semester goes!

But, before the big first day of public school, we've been working on checking off those summer wishes. So far two of our wishes have come true with our recent trip to see Mimi and Papa in Georgia. And bonus, my cousin Bekah was able to join us. She's "Aunt Bekah" to the kids and about the closest they'll get from my side since I'm an only child. She entertained with fancy nail painting for Resh and a polish tattoo for Levi!

My parents live close to the ocean so we enjoy the waves every time we visit. This time both kids were braver wading out farther and letting the waves topple them over.

During the trip down we also checked off the wish of fishing with my dad. Though both kids need some toughening to better handle heat and bugs, we got some good laughs every time a fish was on the line and they went scrambling to get away.

Getting braver around the monster fish... 

We caught four of the ferocious beasts.

And on my personal wish list for summer, we relaxed on a quiet front porch for hours and hours talking about baby names (still not even close to a decision) and other general catch up banter.  I even made it through a book and caught up on some phone calls! It was a great start to a summer that's already moving along way too quickly!

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Peter and Nancy said...

What a great visit -- and so many good memories and new experiences being shared! Hope you're feeling well as your pregnancy moves along!