Thursday, June 26, 2014


It's been a while since we've updated with details about the kids. Truth is that life is so interesting and full there isn't a lot of time to sit and write long posts about it all, but here's a little glimpse into a few of the latest milestones.

She's grown a few inches and gained about a pound a month since being home. Slowly her tastes are changing and now she often asks for pancakes for breakfast. She didn't like them at all when we came home so we cooked lots of chapatis, boiled eggs and sambar. Her favorite meal still, though, is biryani. It's taken a little time to adjust to someone who wants to help with every recipe we're making, but she's been learning a lot while helping.

So many things Reshma has been experiencing are firsts from what we can tell. Like hiking to waterfalls, roller skating and swimming lessons...

She's finally about caught up with immunizations...just in time for day camp that's coming up in a few weeks and then school. For her bravery she earned a new watch which is helping with our current Math chapter on time and temperature. You may notice her wearing those great, grey wristbands in some pictures. She still has lots of trouble with motion sickness in the car and those little bands seem to offer some relief.

Finally, a few of Reshma's favorite things- she loves painting, swimming, telling her brother what to do, wrestling with Dad and riding her new Razor scooter.

He's made the transition to booster seat, can buckle himself in our new-to-us van, loves all things boy, has started skipping naps and would give anything for more television time especially if it involves Paw Patrol.

He's more aware of life and death and found a love for all animals. On a recent trip to a waterfall he found a snail that he had a really hard time parting with. He leaned down to the shell to say, "Remember, L for Levi. I love you." And with his chubby, still baby-looking pointer finger said, "Never forget!" He even inched up uncomfortably close (for this mama) to a black snack and watched it with wonder.

Some of Levi's favorite things would be driving me crazy talking about poop, pestering his sister, singing Great I Am or Let It Go in his cape and getting wet.

Baby T.
With Levi we recorded every detail (way too many details) and this little one hasn't had many mentions or growing belly shots. Our monthly doctor visits have been going well although we did have a little scare at our ultrasound appointment when we found out her gender. The tech found some bright spots on the heart but a more detailed ultrasound and blood screening settled the concerns. She's growing just perfectly, super active and loves sucking her thumb. We are so relieved and thankful that the findings showed a healthy little girl with no heart issues!

Here we are at 24 weeks though I think this picture isn't quite accurate. I feel a whole lot larger than this shows and have been more than wiped out most evenings lately. 

This picture, lounging on the couch, gives a more accurate shot I think! 

After about thirteen weeks with Baby, Indian food started sounding good to me again. The other day when Resh and I were whipping up some of her tasty sambar I wrote down the ingredients (Indian cooks don't really seem to measure stuff) so we could share this curried veggie dish with you!

Reshma's Veggie Sambar

2 tbl. oil
1 tbl. mustard seed- add to oil and let splutter
1/2 cup finely chopped onions (Reshma doesn't like the idea of onions so we leave them out sometimes but I think they add great flavor!)
1 to 2 tbl. sambar powder
2 cups pureed tomatoes
1 1/2 tsp cumin powder
1 1/2 tbl. garam masala

2 cups chopped veggies (we use carrots, green beans and Indian drumsticks though the last time we used stew veggies with potatoes, green beans and carrots from the freezer section which was much faster!)

red chili powder to taste (we use only a pinch)
salt to taste

Let everything simmer for about thirty mins. or so. Add water if the mixture seems dry...I like a juicier sambar so we often add about 1/2 to 1 cup during cooking. If using freezer stew veggies I blend up half to make the sambar thinner. 

We often eat with boiled eggs, chapati and chai!

For a link with clearer directions and more details, check out our friend's great recipe!


The Frisks said...

I love seeing updates on your wonderful family. Miss you so much friend. I would love a nice, long chat. I have LOTS of baby stuff for you. Can't wait to see you guys again.

Peter and Nancy said...

What a great update! Reshma's smile is so lovely -- and I love your son's instructions for the snail not to forget him. Thanks for sharing your sambar recipe -- I've had lots of different styles, with okra and carrots, or celery and cilantro. Can't wait to try your "base" recipe!