Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blogging's Top Four

Everyone's list would look a little different on this topic, but during a sleepless night I thought I'd share a few of the reasons we keep blogging:

4. Blogging gives some purpose to a sleepless night. Be it from the waking of a child who couldn't sleep or the most amazing, late night iced Americano treat that must have been a decaf imposter, the stolen sleep seems somewhat redeemed in the quiet with some Bible reading, school organizing and blog posting to keep the family updated on our craziness.

3. Blogging affords some accountability. Countless bloggers who work in the quiet of their homes inspire me. I'm a better, more sane mom for it. Blogging is a way of giving back and staying on my toes in this stay-at-home, behind-the-scenes role.

My recent photo confession to friends that this is my new hideout and prego obsession.

2. Blogging keeps family better connected. If a phone call can't happen most days, pictures and stories sure help make the distance of our separate lives more doable! We're able to better share even the little things...

Releasing our emergent butterflies!

Enjoying honeysuckle!

1. Blogging preserves family memories. Just recently after our computer collided with our living room floor and lost, everything on our hard drive crashed losing almost all of our pictures from the last six months. If not for blogging and iCloud, we'd be in disarray and without many of these jewels!


The Frisks said...

I love, love, love this. So true about blogging. I love keeping in touch. Love you guys.

Martin LaBar said...

Good reasons.