Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When It Rains...

It pours, and it's been drenching our house lately. Just the usual stuff that seems to happen all at once-- transmissions ka-putting, appendix's revolting, toilets overflowing, roofs leaking, air conditioners stopping. We smile about it sometimes because it seems a little ridiculous. We borrowed a car while our van was getting an apparently gold-lined transmission and even that car's tire went out. It just keeps life interesting, right?!

But this weekend with all the rain, a beautiful rainbow came out! All four of us were in a dear friend's wedding. There's a deep joy that comes when you stand at a wedding and know the two people were meant for each other. The bride and I connected when she was a freshman at our school over a conversation about soccer (of which I know practically nothing) and judgements...and ever since we've learned together, cried together and waited together for her husband. Then this weekend, he took her to be his forever. It was a celebration of celebrations!

Our boy added some humor as the ring bearer. Five minutes into the ceremony he started twirling his pillow wildly. Before he knew it he lost control and the pillow slid straight across the platform through an opening in the risers never to be seen again until the stage was moved. He was devastated and thankfully a friend was nearby to take our heart-broken ring bearer and color with him until it was time to exit with the flower girl. Thankfully the people who saw it thought it hilarious especially the mother of the groom.

Because my phone died before the ceremony even started, we'll have to wait on some of the photographer's awesome photos to share. We did manage to get this one along with some really fun photo booth shots... And of course a video or two or our girl and boy dancing their hearts out at the celebration!

We're looking forward to a week with a lot less rain...our van is again working, Jason is feeling great, our bathroom ceiling is sort of fixed and homeschool resumes tomorrow. Sounds like sunshine to me!

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