Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Homeschool Cont. and Pictures

Almost on a weekly basis our homeschool tutor/good friend shares valuable new insights on resources and methods for teaching. Today was no different and I wanted to share just in case some of you see this tonight and can also get the FREE download of Hooked on Phonics Classroom App. Wish I'd found this out earlier to share with you but today, May 6th, you can download it at the App Store free. Also, two other websites she told me about that I've still got to check out are linked here. The first is an all-in-one online, free homeschool that might be a great supplement to what we/you are already doing. And finally, an additional way to help those numbers (and really any subject) make more sense to our little ones is Khan Academy a "free, world-class education for anyone anywhere." I'm really excited to check that one out!

Before I get to some fun pictures from the last few weeks, I also wanted to mention a few other resources we've been happily using in this homeschool journey. When I recently took Levi to the pediatrician they were very concerned that he couldn't draw a picture of a person. I thought it an arbitrary concern and had I been more quick-witted would have bragged that he can draw a pretty realistic piece of poop if they wanted to see that.... In any case I left chuckling to myself that I'm not in the least worried about his inability to draw our family yet still took the challenge to work a bit more on his fine motor skills. Two things are helping us move beyond poop: Slow and Steady Get Me Ready (I skip some of the silly lessons in lieu of the ones I think sound productive) and his very own Getting Ready for the Code. I also have a thick Montessori at Home booklet that is amazing but still intimidating to implement. Finally, for both kids we've been reading through The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury that has a host of fun, classic read alouds.

And now, for a few pictures from our weeks. Somehow I'm not able to resize them in blogger so here they are in all their small, no-particular-order glory.

Egg hunt and other festivities at our church

Overcoming Reshma's fear of dogs. These therapy dogs came to our university to help students destress on finals week!

Lake time with our resident assistants

Checking on Daddy

Reshma's first American wedding

Rain, rain we love to play

Our 2014 Passover meal

Saying goodnight to Papa after bath time at Nana's. 
We don't have a tub at home so bubble baths are a luxury.

Enjoying the sunshine with friends

First haircut in America.

And finally...

Photo resizing is working for the final picture. Our 2013-2014 RA team that made it through this crazy year with us was an incredible team! At the end of the week they, along with their peers, head out for summer break and a little change of pace begins at our place! 

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