Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quick Update

{Updated to edit out the typos my phone didn't show.}

Sorry for the delayed update. I've been taking care of the patient and talking with our visitors.

This morning around 9 o'clock Jason finished up in surgery. It was successful and laparoscopic which means quicker recovery. He's been resting and waking off and on to talk with people. He's doing really well considering with color coming back to his face and the pain meds doing their good job!

He's still up to his usual ways looking over his To Do list and just now getting the word from the doctor that he can't do any strenuous activity for the next two weeks. So, Jason is drumming up some grass cutters to fill in for his side business of mowing lawns.

Thank you all for praying! We're still overwhelmed with relief that the terrible evening of pain is over!

An afternoon nap is in order after the patchy night's sleep and the doctor is hopeful we'll be wheeling him out of here in the morning. For now though we're enjoying the quiet that is only interrupted right now by the sound of his leg massagers and the occasional nurse.

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The Frisks said...

SO Glad he's doing better. Continuing to pray for you all. :)