Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prayers for Jason

For our family and friends who are praying with us, thank you so much!

Yesterday afternoon after taking our good ole, transmission's-on-the-fritz van for work, Jason began having adomenal pain that worsened to the point of doubling him over leaving him on the floorboard as I drove him and the kids toward home. We passed two hospitals both of which he denied needing to go to (ERs are our LAST, last resort). But when we started to pass the final ER before home and Jason's  condition was only worsening, I took the exit and finally heard Jason concede that he needed some help. We checked in quickly and waited for what seemed like an eternity to get pain meds in him so he could even speak to us. The pain was terribly intense and that is saying a lot for my tough husband. He said it was a 7 on the scale (if you've heard Brian Reagan you know that  9s are reserved for broken femurs and 10s for women in labor ) but I think I still would have said 9 judging from his writhing.

Finally just before midnight, with some welcomed meds and so many prayers from friends, we found out Jason has appendicitis. They kept him comfortable through the night and officially began surgery about ten minutes ago. The surgeon is super experienced and so helpful...and Jason and I are both so relieved to know and see an end to the pain from last evening.

As we know more I'll keep posts coming! Thanks for praying for my dear  husband!


Vicky Schaupp said...

Prayers are with your family.

Donna Coakley said...

I'm praying for all of you, Kelley and the medical staff.