Thursday, April 10, 2014


Birthdays at our house come in two waves. Last week ended our first one. In late March I celebrated thirty-four with the family on Sunday, my actual birth day. 

Then last week, our little blonde-headed joy turned four! Already! One thing I love as he gets older is the quirky, funny personality that keeps emerging. He's never boring! The weeks leading up to his birthday he constantly surprised us with his present requests and detailed birthday cake order. Nothing less than an open book cake with a lighthouse and truck driving up to it would do. He added to that request that the truck have bananas and a candy cane in the back and that he be driving it. How does he come up with this stuff?! 

Mimi, the master cake decorator, went to work ordering and planning to fulfill our four-year-olds dream. Jason's mom, Nana, was busy too searching for the present Levi told her was his dream present-- running shoes and matching running clothes. Reshma has definitely been influencing him to be more active and to keep up with Dad thus the request, we believe, for clothes that look like Dad's. And since the party those running shoes have been "giving [his] legs energy" and his most prized possession. 

We enjoyed reading a favorite book at the party, playing a "find Ramesh" game, playing at a pretend library (that I somehow got no pictures of), opening lots of presents and then jumping some of the food and cake off with an Indian dance party. 

All for this sweet, brand new four year old!!

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Peter and Nancy said...

That cake is amazing!!! What a creative thinker -- and pretty incredible that you found someone to follow instructions to the letter! And happy birthday to you, mother of two!