Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Little Give and Take

I've been thinking a lot lately about how rich my life is because of other families out there who are sharing their stories via blogs or simply sharing their resources online so the rest of us can enjoy them. The online world is one of give and take...and I have a bit of each to share in this quick update.

During a recent reorganizing (my husband's love language) project, I thought again of this sermon I once heard and how it radically changed the way I think about the concept of enough. Even down to the small things like putting a shoe organizer in our closet and realizing my shoes wouldn't fit. Right in front of me was my visual "that's enough" fence and a call to step away from so much excess. 

I've also thought a lot about a challenge I got here on picking my battles with our new I-have-my-own-sense-of-fashion daughter and how wisely one mom shared her heart on the matter. It comes to mind often and has helped me in this area though I still have trouble biting my tongue over tights and open toe high heel sandals... 

Over here I've found myself very encouraged by someone much more fashion savvy than myself...and one wiser about what goes and what doesn't. Not being very artistic, I can't easily put together clothes and colors creatively. So for those challenged like myself, we can borrow ideas from inspirational places like this one.

And finally, after Reshma asking for weeks for Biryani I scoured the internet and found this GREAT recipe! We were cooking supper for nine people that night which is not usually the best time to try something new. That morning I prayed a very genuine prayer that the Biryani would turn out, and this recipe didn't disappoint. If only we could whip this up in an hour rather than almost three we'd make this a weekly tradition! 

In all of my trying to prepare Indian cuisine, I'm still looking for other good, go to recipes. So now comes the taking part of the blog world. Any good Dal Makhani, Samosa or other great Indian recipes you've found in your internet searching? I'd love to know! Reshma would be delighted. And Jason and Levi would be relieved that we finally found some tasty, not-too-spicy meals!


Auburn said...

I love seeing updates from you guys! I know we're all in our isolated little worlds of navigating our new lives, but it's so nice to see you are still there! :) We purchased this book, Healthy South Indian Cooking by Alamelu Vairavan and we've used a ton of recipes from that and they have been great! Also, like most Indian families we spend one afternoon during the weekend cooking and then eat off that Dahl throughout the week. :) Also we've been turned onto the frozen Roti. You just put them on the skillet or griddle to heat up and it's so much lighter and less than filling than naan.

No Greater Love said...

I loooove Indian food, but I do agree the time it takes to make it is pretty insane. I have the cookbook, "The Indian Slow Cooker" that is pretty good. If you look it up on Amazon it gets great reviews. I also enjoy the cookbook, "Entice with Spice." But of course you will definitely have to cut back on the use of cayenne and chili peppers if you want it to be edible for the whole family. I have also found naan at Costco that is DELICIOUS. In our Costco it is in the refrigerated section where they have specialty items. You can buy a ton of it, and keep some in the freezer. And I also agree with your friend, when I do make the food I make a TON of it, and freeze it. I have especially done that with chicken tikka masala. :)