Friday, April 18, 2014

A Birthday Announcement

With our March/April birthday celebrations finished, we have a little reprieve in birthday planning until October. But this year, instead of only planning one party for Dad and a big, already-requested princess party for Reshma, we'll be planning another big, birth day festivity.

Early this year amidst all the craziness of cocooning and bonding, I started having some crazy symptoms. Incredible Indian food turned my stomach and late night grocery trips for random produce and pickles started happening. We've known officially since early February but only dared tell a few people because we needed a little time ourselves to process. Finally, on April 6th, we felt we couldn't hide it any longer (for obvious reasons) and that our two little ones were ready to hear. Reshma immediately expressed interest in a sister and Levi said, "A new baby...I think I'll kiss it." Last Tuesday they went with us to hear the strong heartbeat of little baby brother or sister. Tegen #5 is well on the way due October 16th. We're all still taking it in but thankful it's bonding our little family in the whirlwind together.

Already this little one is teaching my kids patience and giving us an even more intensified period of bonding during these nine months before baby. The day after we discovered our little one was on the way the kids and I went to a birthday party where Reshma carried the birthday girl's baby brother around the whole time loving on him. Several people commented that she'd make a perfect helper for a new baby not knowing the secret only Jason and I knew. But those ladies were right. She LOVES babies. We only need to teach her a good deal more about gentleness and we think she'll be set in her big sister role. She's pretty excited that a baby can't hit, run you over with a tricycle or call you names like her current little sibling can so those are a few things in the baby's favor. And if you ask her, she'd really like a girl because one brother is more than enough. Oh the sibling love we've seen in the last two months...

The bonus of sharing so late is that in only about five short weeks we'll also be able to share whether we'll be welcoming a second girl this year or making good use of the bins and bins of baby boy clothes we have upstairs. Either way, as long as we have a healthy baby and two well-loved, prepared siblings we'll be more than happy.

We have lots more pictures to share this weekend. This is Reshma's first Easter home and lots of new firsts by way of celebrating. We've been going through the Resurrection Eggs this week and have a cross hanging on our front door ready for fresh flowers to celebrate on Sunday morning... which is when she'll get to wear that pretty new Easter dress, hunt eggs (again), see live bunnies, get her Easter basket, etc... We'll look forward to sharing the celebrations!

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Ahhhhh.....congratulations. That is wonderful news. :)