Friday, January 24, 2014

Two weeks home and counting

We've been together as four just over three weeks and have been home for two weeks. Honestly it feels so incredibly good to be over jet lag, to feel more settled into our new reality and to be beyond the initial days that were so challenging. 

Reshma has continued to adjust and connect with us day by day. Especially when we are at home alone - just the four of us - we feel she has come alive and connected with us deeply. Every day seems to have something brand new for her. Sometimes those are little details and sometimes they are huge adjustments.

Despite the fact that we haven't seen 50 degrees since we've been home (save one day) we still had two very willing children at the suggestion of ice cream :)

Kelley has loved the addition of all things girl. Levi was intrigued by the painting of toe nails...and Dad compromised to allow two toe nails to be painted just this once... In pride Dad made it out without any girl paint...

On the one warmer day we've had (MLK day) we had a wonderful hike to Triple Falls in the DuPont Forest of North Carolina. Considering this was probably only her second time in the woods (first was last week) she did awesome!

Ceasar's Head:

Having spent her entire life in southern India, ice was a fascinating thing to Reshma. She was thrilled to break off chunks of ice and throw them in the river over and over...

Both our kids got a bad case of 'lazy legs' during the hike. We felt like a few pack mules...

We've eaten a lot of Indian cuisine this month. Reshma loves to help cook and when left un-checked will tear around the kitchen throwing ingredients into a pot attempting to make something from India she liked. On this particular morning the soup in the red bowl was hot as fire. It tasted like it had 5 times the amount of spicy it should have! We all grinned and bore the terrible burning :) Reshma even admitted it was 'a little hot.'

Our walls are full of freshly colored pictures. Coloring has been so therapeutic...

We were so blessed to have an Indian/American family bring us some authentic Indian food for dinner tonight. We took the opportunity to invite another friend who is a grad-student at Clemson to enjoy it with us. He speaks Reshma's native tongue - it was so fun to hear her chatter away with him in Tamil. He just said, 'She talks a lot.' :)

God has been so good. His faithfulness continues day by day, hour by hour. Our days are still scattered and challenging. We have beautiful moments and incredibly hard moments. All considered we feel so honored at God's amazing gift of our children. Words really don't suffice. This whole journey has already been so long in some ways and yet still continues to just begin in many more ways. Worthwhile - it's all been so worthwhile. Week three here we come!


Peter and Nancy said...

So happy to see your friends and grad student help provide a little slice of familiarity for Reshma! How awesome that God has placed them in your lives. It's so good to hear about how she's doing -- I think of you often, with our close travel dates, and wonder how things are going. I will get around to blogging soon too!

No Greater Love said...

Your posts make me so happy. I love everything about them.