Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 9, 10 and 11 - Finally home!

It feels so good to be home! Everything continues to be so new for Reshma, but she is taking in all the change with such grace, courage and willingness. We'll let our pictures tell the story of the 30+ hour trip home:

We didn't leave our hotel for the airport in Delhi until 11:30pm local we were all pretty exhausted from the beginning.

Reshma's first international flight!

We had a six hour layover in Zurich, Switzerland. It was the most accomodating airport we've every visited! They had comfortable chairs and little cafe's throughout the airport...but even better, they had a huge indoor play area for children free of charge! It was spectacular - every type of healthy entertainment one could imagine (including coloring stations, dress up bins, books, hula hoops, blocks, etc...) - and not an iPad or TV in sight!

...did we mention there were soft places for parents to crash? Genius airport, we tell ya!

A glimpse into Reshma's fun personality as we continued to burn time in the Zurich airport. That's a half eaten apple (which we paid top dollar for) in her mouth.

The background is faint in this picture, but in person there was a stunning view of the Swiss Alps as we ate a meal at this cafe. We are assuming the prices were exorbitant (like $13 for a little sandwich and $4 for a banana) because of the view haha... 

We are no longer able to travel quick and light. This line of stuff is just our carry-on luggage. It felt like we had to go through about four security checks during our trip home.

On our entry into the U.S. we blew through immigration in about 5 minutes!! After being taken to a side room, the immigration rep stamped her passport allowing us to by-pass the lines of hundreds of waiting people (citizens and non). It was unbelievable how fast and painless it was! Seriously, we had prayed specifically for this process and never have we entered the U.S. so quickly and painlessly!

Arrival finally to Charlotte, NC - Reshma was a little dazed having just woke up 10 minutes earlier from deep sleep on the plane.

Our immediate family was eagerly awaiting this moment! This picture really captures the beauty of what Reshma is entering. She has so much love already...and while she is mouring the loss of her foster family she is entering a ton of love.  We're pretty sure our 'whiteness' is a little overwhelming to her :)

Reshma's first time in her bedroom at home.

This trampoline was a $75 Craigslist find that we bought for Reshma's birthday back in November thinking we would travel then. Arriving home last night it was cold and rainy (and about 1:00am), but we/she couldn't wait to try it out. Afterall, we'd waited over two months to show it to her!

Our wonderful friends on campus made us feel so welcomed back home. Reshma really has no clue how many people in the U.S. are interested in her life and want to know her. :)

Levi got a bicycle for Christmas and has shown little interest (he's probably a bit young yet). However, Reshma has worn the tires off it this morning on her own initiative. As far as we can tell (an inclination backed up by her wobbliness) she has never ridden a bike! She has done great...and we will be buying her a more appropriately sized bicycle soon! Or more accurately, the grandparents will begin their spoiling...

We'll update again in a few days, but Reshma has been excited and engaging the first 12 hours home. Her first item of attention was to organize all her little books, do-dad's and shoes in her room. This is the first time she has ever had a room of her own (which a very western idea/reality anyway).  Of course we are all messed up quite a bit with our sleep pattern, but it has been so rich to have her home finally! 

We are trying to be sensitive to not overwhelm her with too many people too fast. For those of you who live local and want to meet her, please know that we deeply want you to meet her, and that we will have that opportunity...but it will take a week or two to slowly make our rounds. We are so honored to have you walk this journey with us and share your love with our precious new Tegen!


The Frisks said...

So excited for your family. So sorry we missed you guys before you left. I cannot wait to meet her.

No Greater Love said...

Yay. It is over, and just beginning. What a crazy, wonderful concept. The waiting for her to come home is finally in the past, and now starts the beginning journey of your family of four. So happy for you. :)

Nan said...


Jared said...

Laura and I CANNOT wait to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know when it is appropriate to stop on over :)