Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8: Well we were just getting adjusted...

As we write we are preparing to put everything back into bags to start the 30 hour journey back to the U.S. We laugh because it feels like our body clocks had just somewhat adjusted before crossing back 10.5 time zones to the east starting in about 7 hours.

We had a marvelously relaxing day! Levi and Reshma both slept until 8:30am, we ordered room service for breakfast (not bad to have breakfast brought to your door for under $20 for 4), watched some Indian cartoons, visited the pool, grabbed some lunch, colored and did a few hidden pictures (Reshma loves both) and took long naps this afternoon. 

Now we will attempt to pull ourselves together and pack everything back into four bags and four small backpacks to leave India as a family of 4.

Here are some pics from today:

Reshma is sporting one of Levi's shirts! She is a tiny thing...Jason (who doesn't have particularly big hands) was joking about being able to touch his middle finger and thumb around her calf on her leg and her bicep on her arm :)

We are ready for business (pool time).

We introduced Reshma and Levi to Marco Polo. It admittedly wasn't a pool size that lent itself toward Marco but we had a blast. Rule number one (you can't get out of the pool) pretty much got broken by Reshma every single game :) However, this allowed her to be particularly good at not being caught. Levi was exceedingly bad at this game! Even the four staff that watched us got a kick out of the game.

We passed this Dunkin' Donuts several times throughout our time in Delhi never going in. Today we tried it and as we entered the door Reshma said, What is this? in her thick Indian accent. We thought, well, this is a place where you eat a round pastry that somehow has about a cup of processed white sugar per serving. Funny enough the two doughnuts we bought (to eat half of one each) were pretty crummy and stale though Kelley seemed to thoroughly enjoy hers! :/

Reshma has amazed us at her ability to sit and play quietly (alone or with us). She is mature beyond her years we think in her initiative to help out and sit quietly when needed without much entertainment...especially compared to our unnamed blonde-headed boy. They may as well be on different planets as far as that goes...

Speaking of that...Reshma has enthusiastically just announced that she is fully packed and ready (we don't leave for the airport for 4.5 hours! She loves to organize (Jason's heart language). Below she looks through the books and trains we brought to decide which will be going on the plane and which will get packed away...all on her own initiative!

So this is it. Next time we write will be from our home in the U.S. about 48 hours from now. Reshma had requested earlier this week to call her foster mother before we leave India to speak one more time (as we mentioned in an earlier post). Last night we purchased a little Skype credit (because our cell phones are $2/minute) and she made the call. It was incredibly heavy and hard for all of us - but obviously most for Reshma. We didn't understand much of the call because it was all in the Indian language she spoke at home with them...but we could grasp the overall sense of what was being communicated. It was probably the greatest point of crisis for Reshma since our original meeting at the orphanage. She wept on the phone as she expressed her missing of the family and really seemed to sense the gravity of the moment: she isn't going back to live with them and the plane ride tonight is her new beginning with us as her family. They spoke for about 15 minutes and after hanging up Reshma wept for a long, long time at the loss. Heavy doesn't properly describe our evening last night. Our hearts broke with hers. Kelley again did a spectular job of holding her and mourning with she who mourned as the scriptures tell us (Romans 12:15).

Let us be clear, we believe with all our hearts in adoption and we are committed to Reshma for the rest of her life. We already love her as our own. We are standing upon the foundation of God's promises and direction, and therefore believe deeply in our hearts that God provided the foster family for Reshma for a season of her life...and an incredibly important one. Equally we believe He has called and equipped us from this point forward. But this breaking away that she is experiencing from the family who loved her and took her in when she had no one else is heart breaking. Reshma's situation is just so unique in that she was an orphan, but she had been placed with a loving family unit in the waiting process for the last few years (which is so rare in India). One positive of the evening was that the process of all that happened last night allowed Kelley to really connect with her one step more on a heart level we believe, because it was a moment of great crisis and loss for Reshma (and Kelley was right there in a way that Reshma knew she could trust her).

We are encouraged that even in the moments of crises and great loss for Reshma, she has let us hold her and be close. She has never pushed away or lashed out in anger. Her tears and brokenness have never communicated, I don't want to be with you so much as I really miss my foster mom (these are two totally different expressions). She really seems to trust us and know we care deeply amidst her loss and amidst us being strangers to her before January 2. 

Jason and Levi awoke from their long naps this afternoon/early evening to Reshma enthusiastically packing her bags! She has genuinely seemed excited for the trip this evening. She has been very engaging this afternoon and evening with us. We are so thankful for this and give God glory and credit because we have prayed specifically for it. We know she will have up's and down's along the way during our flights and her mourning the loss of her foster family and her home in India will be long...but we are so thankful she is excited to pack with us and start this journey.

Please pray for our journey...definitely the flights...but more for the emotional side of what this trip represents for Reshma. We are so thankful for this moment. Our minds race back through all the emails we've sent and all the process we've waded through. And it's here. We fly home in a little over 4 hours. God is GOOD! He has answer every single one of our prayers!

One final picture. Jason needed to get some exercise before we get cooped up on airplanes for the next day. Reshma was fascinated at this contraption...must seem like such a pecular thing from her perspective :)

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