Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7: Visa in hand!

This picture really says it all. We are reminded today how when you live overseas or are visiting a foreign city you can be completely exhausted in just a few hours of being out and about. Toting a 3.5 year old only quickens the exhaustion :) By far the most important thing we did today was retreive Reshma's completed visa from the U.S. Embassy that we applied for yesterday. We have in our hands everything needed to bring her home! Tomorrow night just after midnight we start that 30 hour journey.

Before going to the Embassy today we hired a driver to take us to a few spots around Delhi. We joked about getting a rickshaw (glorified three wheeled moped that is used by taxi drivers all throughout Asia) but deferred to better judgement and just used our hired driver who has been so helpful. Below are some pictures:

This is as close as we got to a rickshaw afterall today :)

Reshma went out of her way to walk in the green grass in front of one of the other Embassy's...luscious grass is rare here. She will probably be amazed to see how green and rural it is where we live compared to the cities here.

There are a few western malls near where we are staying but we've only spent minimal time in them on two occasions because it's a little bit of over-stimulation...oh, you think we are referring to Reshma but we are referring to Jason, Kelley and Levi :)  Seriously, she is taking in a lot this week so we are trying to ease her in to western things and not overwhelm her all at once.

Ok, so maybe the puppets were a little contradictory to what we just said...
Can you guess which picture (above or below) is the Indian market and which is the mall?

Finally back to the room which has been such a nice refuge of quiet and quality time together.

We're not too far from sunset here as we write. We will grab some dinner and head to the hot tub again this evening for some swim time. It's a very pecular hot tub...the temperature is more like warm bath water than that of a hot tub. And it's huge compared to a normal hot tub. Both work perfect for our purposes because it allows us to use it as we would a small swimming pool. We still get stared down by the hotel employees every time we go. Their looks communicate disapproval for our taking the kids into water during winter months :)

Tomorrow is our final full day in India...so we'll post a few pics before we leave for the airport late tomorrow night local time. Thanks again for praying!


April :: UnraveledbyGrace said...

I've really enjoyed your updates. They are so thoughtful and full of compassion. It is quite obvious that while you are trying to take advantage of the time you do have in India every decision you make is with Reshma's best interest in hand. While I know many families do the same, it just seems to come across more in your posts. They are also insightful for me as we will someday be going to India for our daughter as well.

I also can't wait to check out the markets you mentioned. Is it sad I'm already dreaming about the Delhi portion of our trip? It's the only thing we could plan out now if we wanted.

Finally, why do they disapprove of swimming during winter months?

Jason and Kelley said...

Hi, April! I think they disapprove of swimming because it's chilly getting in and out of the water and I'm sure they think it will lower the kids immunity and make them sick. So far though, everyone is healthy! Last night we actually did not end up going but plan to today when the sun is is out again!