Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6: THE Day

Today was the day: After a great breakfast including Indian and American choices (man can they cook some good bacon here), we were off to our final doctors visit to read the test that was taken on Saturday and then our appointment at the U.S. Embassy for Reshma's visa to travel. In other words today was the day we finished the final necessary step of the legal process (21 months and counting) to bring Reshma home!

It was nearly a perfect set of appointments. We were in and out of the doctors office in under an hour (would have been less but the power went out twice while we were there). There could have been snags or other issues arise at this appointment but Reshma's test came back negative allowing the doctor to just sign off. 

At the embassy we were also in and out in about an hour. All the little details, and there were a ton of them, were perfect - each piece of paperwork, our family's meeting with the embassy rep, the credit card working was all perfect. Probably as much of a blessing as anything was that Levi fell asleep on the car ride from the doctor to the embassy and slept in Jason's arms the entire hour we were there! Literally, as we were saying thanks and goodbye to the embassy rep Levi woke up in a great mood! We wish we had some pictures from our time at the embassy to share because it was such a big moment, but they are very grumpy and picky about anything with a camera ;)

Our ride home was celebratory. Even Reshma seemed to be excited (which hasn't been common thus far in public for her) even though she doesn't know the gravity of what was accomplished today.

Reshma has progressed some each day in her comfort level with us. She has definitely let us physically love on her a lot more yesterday and today specifically. In the picture directly below she let Jason really hold her for the first time. Funny enough is that she only weighs 15 pounds more than Levi haha!

We rejoice in what God has done! It feels a little strange to write this, but the paperwork process is done! Sure, we still have to pass customs in America and we have additional paperwork to do once home, but practically speaking it is finished! We have to remain in India through midnight on Wednesday local time because when we scheduled our flights we were told to leave time for snafoos or delays. Tomorrow we will go back to the embassy to pick up Reshma's visa at 3:00pm local time. They require a 24 hour window of time to produce the visa. Then we will just enjoy another day and a half in Delhi before leaving. 

Continue to pray for Reshma. She asked today if she could call her foster mom before we leave for America. We're certainly happy to let her do that and we will...but we're also sure that will be a hard good-bye again. We can see the battle within her from moment to moment most days. This is just huge for her...but she is so strong. One thing that has been hard for us is not being able to communicate with her on a heart level because of her fairly low English comprehension (or we could just as well say because of our lack of comprehension in any of the three Indian languages she speaks haha). Pray that God will continue to settle her heart and mind as we walk through the final two days here. Pray also for her final phone conversation with her foster family before leaving India. 

Finally, praise God along with us! He is sovereign over all things and is fully reliable and trustworthy. We lay the happenings of this day at His feet and say, all honor, glory, power and authority are HIs

Thanks again for walking this journey with us!


Natasha said...

Awesome! Praying for that sweet girl - she's so very brave!! I remember being moved to tears when we picked up Ryan's visa. It was such a relief to be done and know we were free to bring him home! I'm not sure if anyone has told you but try to be at the Delhi airport 4-5 hours before departure. We ran into a huge problem with buying an infant seat for Ryan and we nearly missed our flight - and we arrived 5 hours early.

Martin LaBar said...

Great photos!