Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6 (cont.): The Night We Destroyed a Restaurant

After making our way back to the hotel and swimming again with our little dark-haired, water-lovin fish, we headed back to the room for rest and games. Knowing this is such a major transition for both our kids, we've made sure every day includes good down time in the room for bonding and resting. Today was no different...and after the swim and short nap everyone was hungry and ready for food. We discovered a little restaurant across from the hotel that's semi-healthy, appealing to all our taste buds and more affordable than hotel room service. So we all layered up (it was a little cooler here today) and headed over. This time we made the decision to get combo meals which included the treat of a coca-cola for each of us. It's fun to take a little break from bottled water sometimes!

No sooner had our food arrived when one of our children picked up their drink and dropped it spilling coke all over the table and our food. In a restaurant where napkins are behind the counter and each person is allotted one per person, we weren't touching the fountain of coke that was flowing off our table. Restaurant staff soon swarmed us cleaning up the mess, taking our food and saying they wanted to bring us fresh all while moving us to a new location. When I looked over minutes later, coke was still dripping off various parts of the table...

Our new order finally came with sandwiches, drinks and sides. We weren't two bites in when the same child picked up the re-filled coke and put on a SECOND fountain display at our SECOND location. We were mortified...and the staff, still smiling, just shook their heads. We salvaged the sandwiches and I kept thinking...we never have to face these people again...but then decided that didn't make me feel one bit better. By now the wet floor signs were out and two tables were dripping with sticking, dark liquid. 

What put us over the edge was when the culprit said with an I-may-or-may-not-have-done-that-on-purpose sort of smirk, Accidents happen now and again (a line from a Thomas and Friends song). That won the said child a long lecture in the corner of the restaurant and finally when we all were seated again and dry, our second round of food was getting cold. Just when we started eating and calming down from everything, our second child picked up a full coke which promptly slipped from her hands onto her lap. Apparently the lid was tighter on this one and our reaction time sharper because only drips managed to escape before Jason whisked it back upright to the table... 

What a night! 

After we finished eating Levi started eyeing a small palm tree at an adjacent, dry table. He asked to be excused to go gloat over this little plant that he must have said some ten times was so, so cute.  We agreed and Jason leaned over saying under his breath, How much you wanna bet the plant doesn't make it? We both burst out laughing then looked over at Levi who had picked up the plant and was examining it's pot. Sticky fingers promptly lost the privilege of touching anything and the so, so cute plant was spared from impending doom. 

Moral of the story? Coca-cola is bad news for kids and parents alike! ;)

Somehow Reshma found the whole ordeal very funny and the joy continued late into the evening until bed time. 

Hope you, too, could laugh with us! We thought it too funny an evening not to share! 

Tomorrow we're off to find Boomer bubble gum, finish shopping, tour Delhi and then pick up our girl's US visa-stamped passport. 

We promise to take lots of pictures!

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April said...

Too funny. I can only imagine what went through the staff's mind. At least you guys are all taking it in strides. I'm sure it's been a long week of adjustment on everyone's part. A few accidents are bound to happen. Still laughing about this. ;)