Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5: Free day adventures

Today was our first official free day meaning we had nothing adoption related to accomplish just a full day together to do what we wished. Jet lag still hasn't fully relinquished it's grip on us...we actually regressed a little from yesterday awaking before 6:00am. At our meals we've tried to balance traditional Indian food with some more western options so that Reshma has a choice and that Levi has a choice. This morning reminded us again how literally each of Reshma's five senses either already are, or will be challenged greatly (that's just a great recipe for culture shock). Let's begin with Taste - this morning's breakfast was a perfect example. We ordered a tradition southern Indian breakfast plate along with good ol' American pancakes and waffles slathered in syrup. It was laughable how different the tastes are: Reshma's dish was salty and Levi's was as sweet as can be. Hearing - Her brain is being overwhelmed with all English suddenly; Smell - Let's just say the smells of the city aren't what she'll be smelling much anymore come Thursday. Sight - SC may as well be a different planet than the large cities of India. Touch - So many aspects of the things Reshma is touching now and the way she is being touched is quite different than what life has been for her (example: hot water as long as you want in a luxury hotel shower or Jason wrestling her - which she seems to love). 

After a relaxed early morning together we met a driver who took us to a local shopping spot. It took us back to our days in Baku so much (in regard to look and feel). The only disappointment was that there was a large sign upon entering that said Fixed Prices - we thought bartering was part of the game at markets such as these. But they were serious, Jason only managed to negotiate one item down the equivalent of $1 (for those who know Jason's wheelin' dealin' ways, this greatly hurt his pride). Kelley and Reshma got mendhi on their hands and Levi even got a little one to match ;)

After arriving back to the hotel Reshma and Jason went out and found some to go lunch to bring back to the room. Then, in our effort not to take an afternoon nap today (so we can attempt to sleep a full night tonight) we took Reshma and Levi to the pool. It is outdoor and the water is frigid like the other pool...but thankfully this hotel has a large hot tub with warm bath water temps. We stayed in well beyond the prune stage. :)

As we write this it is approaching sunset and we took advantage of free hotel wifi to download a movie (Finding Nemo) while we were out today. It took about 8 hours to download but finally finished - which means tonight will be our first family movie as four. 

Reshma woke up again fairly solemn and very quiet. As she has each day, she warmed up as the day moved along. She really comes alive in play - the pool today especially. She spoke a little more today than she ever has which was like candy to our ears. :)

Reshma has wowwed us at how much initiative she takes to help. You cannot often say that about children from the west. Ironing. Taking out the trash from our room. Brushing her teeth without a fight. We could go on and on. 

We're so honored to have Reshma entrusted to us. Maybe the highest honor we've ever had as a couple. It's certainly not romantic in any sense. It's very real, even heavy sometimes...and it shouldn't have had to be. But in the Spirit of Redemption our God saw fit to entrust us (all four of us) to each other from now on. In the purest sense of the word, we are just deeply honored to take Reshma as our daughter. As we've walked the streets seeing again the overwhelming poverty of the homeless, even naked little children in the dirt, we know that could well have been Reshma. But God plucked her out. In a culture where we often grow disillusioned and when walking with God isn't romantic, we've been reminded again that Jesus wants our faithfulness. Ruth Graham once said, Mountian tops are for breadth of view and inspiration, but the fruit grows in the valley. Jesus also said, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers out into His harvest fields. Somehow we can nod in agreement with these truths yet lose the very power of the analogies being used: fruit in both cases is connected to manual labor by the sweat of our brow in a field. Sure walking with Jesus includes joy and excitement and fun sometimes...but it also includes laying down our lives, steadfastness amidst disappoinment, and brokenness/messiness. There is so much freedom when our goal is to faithfully walk with God (see John 15)...not our achievements. We could put together a great video highlighting our time so far with Reshma back-layed with a powerful worship song, and we probably will upon our return. But this experience has been so much more than that - it's also been (and will continue to be) heart wrenching and difficult. In the end we stand on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and therefore our house and family will stand amid the non-romance. We just feel so honored and deeply committed to this little girl and this new reality for our family.

On a lighter note we wanted to include the picture of the day. It really has no significance unless you consider a man playing two flutes - one from each nostril of his nose - AND boasting a beard that touches the ground worthy of a picture. We did. 

 Good night from India :)

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No Greater Love said...

Ahhhhh. I looooove what the Ruth Graham quote, and all you said afterwards. Such truth.