Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4: Delhi and Doctors

The last 24 hours have once again held quite a bit of change for us. It has honestly been quite heavy at different points, while fun and joyful at others. Reshma and Kelley were both tearful as we piled in the car to leave Bangalore for Delhi last evening. Reshma has still been very quiet in regard to verbal communication, but she seemed to understand in an appropriate way the symbol of what was happening as we drove to the airport. It was the second step in making all this complete for her (the first was leaving her foster family yesterday). We're sure it made all this feel one step more final in her mind. She was leaving what had been her home city for the last several years. She wasn't just staying at a hotel in the same city with a new family anymore...she was about to fly hundreds of miles away. None of us know when we will be back in Bangalore. We're sure it felt like a point of no return for her. She did spectacular considering the circumstances. We let her snap a bunch of pictures as we drove through Bangalore to the airport. We even saw a few monkeys (we have no idea how or why they were in the middle of a huge city)! Though Reshma wept some on the beginning of ride to the airport she also seemed very much at peace and willing. She's been very respectful and compliant from the beginning.

Reshma was calm on the flight. Levi was actually the one who had a meltdown toward the end. We're all being thrust into a ton of change, mixed with being really tired...and he handled it right on par for a 3.5 year old ;) I.e. screaming and flailing his arms and legs. Thankfully it only lasted a few minutes before he fell asleep in Kelley's arms in exhaustion. Reshma has been so sweet to him in the times he has lost it (that has been 2-3 in the last 48 hours). Even as we are out and about she really takes initiative and responsibility of him...whether it's crossing a road or standing in a busy place. We can't stress how much we are being blessed that they have each other in this process. 

As we said, Reshma still isn't talking much but has warmed up to us in other ways remarkably in the last two days. She really seems to trust us which has been one of our specific prayers. This morning after getting up and having a feast for breakfast at our hotel (have we - read Kelley - mentioned we LOVE the food in India!) we met our agency rep and went for Reshma's medical exams. Thankfully we were there before the huge rush and worked our way through each office reasonably quickly. Reshma was brave when she had to have her injection for her TB testing only grabbing Kelley's hand and letting out one little squeal. We'll go back Monday morning before the embassy appointment to get the test read then head to the big appointment for her visa. Please pray for those meetings Monday...there is always the potential for some issue to present itself. It's just never done until it's done with these paperwork jungles we are bushwacking ;)

After we got back to the hotel there was still energy to burn so we headed next door to a large mall. Reshma wanted to rent one of the buggies pictured above so we said we would if she fit...and sure enough she manipulated her long legs to fit ;) Believe it or not another mom whom Kelley knew from Facebook and who also adopted from our orphanage, and lives in Delhi, walked up and introduced herself!! It was so crazy that in a city of over 10 milion we'd be able to connect...and we were so encouraged by the talk!! Afterward we strolled around before finding Reshma some much needed shoes. Her feet (and basically every part of her body except her height) are smaller than we thought so some warmer shoes were definitely needed before we travel Wednesday night. Then just before getting a bite to eat we found a FREE huge Lego display where we built and played for over an hour. 

Feeling like we'd already experienced a lot of overstimulation for the kiddos we headed back to the hotel for a nap. This evening we'll hang out in our room, play some games, watch the two green parrots who've been perched in a crevice right outside our window, and try to have some quality no tech/low tech time.

It's good to get to share a bit with you. There's more to come...but for now, thinking of you all from smoggy Delhi (pic below is midday, we've never seen smog like this)! We'll look forward to sharing more tomorrow! 

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