Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3: Our Last Day in Bangalore

It happened! Our first full night of sleep in probably a week (our last two or three nights before we even left were fairly restless...and then jet lag has been real). Our hotel room has one king size bed so all four of us piled in and actually had a wonderful night of rest.

Reshma was a little slow to warm up to us again this morning (as expected) but we've had a wonderful day together so far this Friday. We've noticed something - Indians seems to eat their meals about 1.5-2 hours later than what we are used to. Example: At 8:30am their was only one other person at breakfast. Reshma wasn't hungry so she and Kelley stayed in the room. But at 10:00am, when Reshma said she was, indeed hungry, the place was packed for breakfast. Also the evening meal is often eaten around 8pm here.

By mid-morning it was clear we needed to get out of the confines of this hotel room (serious amounts of energy needed to be burned). 

So we went down to the outdoor pool at the hotel. The weather has been beautiful here - 60 at night and 80 during the day - but the water in this pool was very chilly. Reshma loves water! She spashed around the edge and got pretty wet. We really didn't intend to get in the pool because of how cold the water was but she kept daring Jason to get in. Any chance to build trust through fun is one we will in Jason went! We're not real sure why being in this particular water was fun for her because she is as thin as a toothpick and it was cold.

Reshma loved the time at the pool. She is spunky and fun when she is at ease. 

This afternoon we will pack up again and leave Bangalore for Dehli. It's about a 3 hour flight straight north. The weather there is much cooler - 40 at night and 60 during the day. Reshma hasn't been used to much air conditioning, much less temperatures in the upper 30's or 40 at night. She's likely never felt temperatures that cold. She's also never been on a plane. So the newness for her continues...but she is really taking it all in with incredible courage we think. 

In Delhi we will complete the final legalities before returning to the U.S. late next week. We have a doctors appointment for her on Saturday, Sunday is a free day, Monday will be her embassey/visa appointment (the final step), Tuesday will be a processing day and we will leave just after midnight on Wednesday. So we will have quite a bit of time on our hands in Delhi...we hope to find some things to structure our free days. Kids (and all of us really) do best with some structure, right? :)

One final thing: Believe it or not Reshma likes cheeseburgers?! This is funny for two reasons: first, most Indians don't eat beef (yes, we have seen the cows roaming the streets in the city)...but second and most importantly, Jason has joked several times prior to our coming that he would take Reshma on father/daughter dates to get bacon cheeseburgers (Jason's favorite). This of course was a complete joke and play off of the reality that beef generally isn't eaten in India...but we actually asked Reshma what she wanted for lunch today and she, completely on her own accord, said, burger.  Kelley, in an attempt to clarify asked, chicken burger? but she said, no - beef!! HAHA! So here is the proof. If you look closely there is part of a cheeseburger in Reshmas hand headed toward her mouth!!

We'll update next from Delhi...thanks again for your prayers. Reshma is still only 24 hours into this huge life change. There have been and will continue to be steps forward and backward. She goes back and forth between being really quiet and solemn to playful and engaging. She has quite a way to go with her English comprehesion...which just adds to the shock of all this adjustment for her. Pray that we will have discernment and wisdom to love her in a way she understands and that gains her full trust day by day. 


McChesney Family said...

Your daughter is beautiful !!!!
We have adopted 2 girls from India and they love burgers and meatballs.

my blog is

McChesney Family said...

Your daughter is beautiful !!!
We have 2 adopted daughter from India and they love burgers and meatballs.

bestgalphotography said...

Kelley- I love how blissed out you look in every picture! A desire fulfilled truly is a tree of life! SO glad Jason's little girl loves what her daddy does. Daddy God is so thoughtful, even into the little things! We have been thanking God that you took Levi with you- he is already such a sweet minister of God's love and kindness. Also- thank you for updating the blog because I think about you guys all the time and am loving hearing and seeing whats up. Love you all!