Sunday, October 20, 2013

News in the midst of a Month

A whole lot has happened since we last visited here. Our computer was sick. We were sick. Fall retreat with our RAs came and went. And, big news came from our adoption agency. Let us give a quick catch up from the last month.

Some things were run-of-the-mill. Like playing in our big sand volleyball pit, watching school volleyball, chasing rogue opossums across campus and eating loads of cheese left by a forgetful, unsuspecting donor.

Other things were special treats. Like getting to spend some great time in the mountains with our resident assistants and, separately, the resident directors.

On a random note, one night on the eve of a couple's move from our apartment complex to a home off campus, a joke Levi and I played on them turned on us. Scooping up a friendly, stray apartment cat, we returned their dish and offered them a furry house warming gift. Little did we know that they had been praying all summer that if one of the school's strays came to their door step right before they moved, they would take it as a sign. Our furry joke was an answer to prayer. The kitty quickly fell asleep on the husband's tie and has been in his new home ever since.

In between wrangling cats, enjoying play dates with friends and spending time with kids during Sunday morning church, we transitioned into full nesting mode.

Our area has huge consignment sales during Fall and Spring and what better way to begin nesting than by shopping?! 

We're nesting because the beginning of October we finally got a call. Mid-September I had another dream about the court process in which the Lord showed me some exciting details about court in India. We prayed and waited. Waiting got a LOT HARDER while we waited to see if what we'd been told was true. And the beginning of October we found out it WAS true. 

Court is FINISHED! R is ours!!! We've prayed and waited for this girl for four long years.

While I thought that news meant we could finally, finally share her full name and pictures, we're still asked to keep them a little longer. Our visas are in process and her passport has been applied for. It should be a matter of weeks before we head to India!! Thus the lack of posts and the scrambling to get lots of last minute details together. On the list of about twenty-five things to do, we've completed about five. So hang on a little longer before we share her pictures and give you a glimpse at what goes into prepping. 

The thought of sharing this trip and taking you along to meet our daughter is exciting to us. I'm hopeful, in the twenty-some things to do, to share a few posts ranging from finances to feelings about international adoption. There's a lot to say...and if we can help inform others who might be interested and possibly called to this same thing, we'd love to share what we're learning.


Peter and Nancy said...

So, so thrilled for you!!! There will be a LOT of families travelling soon -- excited to hear more about your child!

The Frisks said...

I'm so incredibly excited for you all! :)