Monday, September 16, 2013

Walking by Faith- The Passport Story and New Timeline

This post would have come earlier last week but instead of writing we were ransacking our house looking for a lost passport. We're so thankful to be in need of passport scrambling...because finally we're getting that close!!

About two weeks ago after getting all the needed paperwork into the lawyer's hands in India, we got an update. Our orphanage expects the final two processes to take 2 1/2 months. While I brace myself that estimations are just that and not guarantees, it's still so much faster than we ever dared dream. Meaning, our girl might well have a late birthday celebration here, with us! And that Christmas could be with four Tegens instead of three! As Levi would say, yippee yippee yah yah!!

As of Thursday night, {spoiler warning} Levi will be going with us to India to pick up his sister. After getting his passport back in March we had been unable to find it. Like, for two months. We looked under, around and in the fire box multiple times, went through our adoption folder the same amount and searched every nook and cranny where a passport might fit. Nada. With our recent news and the possibility, according to our agency, of ordering visas by month's end, we were getting frantic. The prayers turned desperate and literally I was on my knees on multiple occasions begging for help in the matter. Thursday night was our deadline before reporting it lost then ordering and expediting a new one. While it was about the money, it was also about the time. So, I prayed another I'm-so-desperate-and-need-Your-help prayer while Jason and I set out on one final search before sitting down at the computer. One minute into the search while bent down to look under the bed for the third time that day, Jason threw something across the room at me. 

Levi's passport! 

In the spot that I had looked over and over and NOT found a passport, Jason reached in and pulled it out. Just behind our fire box (the one I had pulled out, looked under, looked behind and looked inside at least five times), there it was. I'm still bewildered at how to explain it except to say that God answers desperate, persistent prayers for a little boys ticket to go meet his sister with the rest of his family. And we are so, so thankful that He did! 

For now we are waiting and praying for the judge who'll review our case. We don't expect to hear the specific court dates, only the outcome, so pray with us. Also, join us in singing some praises over the incredible provision from the week. May it be a challenge to us all to believe our prayers are being heard and to pray with bold perseverance until we see answers. Because, God's still in the answering business! We are eyewitnesses!

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Peter and Nancy said...

Amazing! I love the passport story, and I love your new-and-improved timeline even more!!! So thrilled that you're in the home stretch now!