Friday, August 2, 2013

Three In a Row

In June and early July we said yes to several things only to realize it would mean mid-July to early August would be a blur. Our three trips were back to back with less than 24 hours spaced between them.

First, the Tegen family got away for a weekend to the mountains of North Georgia. The highlight turned out to be tubing where Dad Tegen dazzled us with a washing machine demonstration in the rapids. Levi and I successfully made it down the river in a tube designed for coolers which turned out to be the best decision for keeping us warm in the cold water.

We arrived back to wash and pack and hit the road again. A special friend was arriving back from Asia. Actually, she was flying back from a three week long training in our daughter's city and brought us lots of special gifts from Karnataka, India.

The sickness is hitting. Can you see it in his eyes? Ear infection and possibly tonsillitis.

We enjoyed the ocean with her and her family before heading for a second visit to CVS's minute clinic for some antibiotics to help a very sick little boy.

Filming a video for our girl

On the way back from the beach we managed to get a video and needed documents shipped off to India before heading South for a ten day kids camp I'm organizing. I grew up going to a tiny camp in Georgia and coming back for the first time in a few years I remember how rich my times were here. It's great to give back and enjoy the sweet tea and southern accents so dear to my heart.

Here's a little glimpse of the craziness this week.

Sunday we head home for a week of absolute, you-can-hear-a-pin-drop quiet...yeah, right!  But, we're gonna try for it anyway.

And this is what we'll be welcomed back to. Jason's been working hard getting ready for students who start coming back next Friday.

And we'll be ready for them...after many naps in those new, blue hammock chairs!