Tuesday, July 16, 2013


For Misty...who informs me that blogs are meant for posting.

Two and a half months ago Jason had a dream. Dark storm clouds were coming and waking he sensed the Lord say a storm was on the way. With that warning we prayed hard for our family and extended family. Then what we considered a "storm" hit mid-May with our denial for national clearance in India. Just par for the adoption course perhaps but a gigantic, ominous storm no less. 

Some days we weathered things fine. There was peace and trust. On the not so good days there were lots of tears and desperate prayers. We were thankful to have company in town and lots of trips planned to help with the silence because just when the silence was getting the hardest we had a full house with company from Michigan and North Carolina, five adults and four kids. 

Gotta keep that salt water out...one glass was enough.
For those of you living in the southeast you know many areas have experienced heavy rains these last few weeks. Planning anything outside in the afternoon or evening is a little risky. But, last Sunday night we headed outside to celebrate our friend Noah's third birthday with a stomp rocket, new soccer ball and, fittingly, a sky lantern.  Jason and Noah's dad made the weather call for sending up the lantern saying, "looks like the storm has passed." I got teary. We were only 1 1/2 months into waiting for word from India and the last week had been really difficult. From other families we knew the wait could be many more months. I am so thankful that those words were truer than I knew at the time. 

I had to share cause this picture makes me laugh.

How he really felt about the celebrations.
We got the call on Tuesday, July 9th, that one week earlier the committee met in India and overturned their denial. They had no objection of our adopting R and the official letter was in our inbox with the paper copy on it's way!! 


That big, dark storm had passed!! Praise Jesus who still patiently watches his followers fret and trust and trust and fret during storms. He amazes us.    

We celebrated with 2 Foons yogurt (the local yogurt place known by everyone other than Levi as 3 Spoons). And, ours was free thanks to a really generous cashier who had no idea we were celebrating but knew Jason's brother and told us yogurt was on him that day. :) And even cooler that when we were leaving a lady I've been wanting to meet was coming to the store. She's from R's city and is fluent in her language. We shared the news and planned for some cooking and language lessons soon. Double celebration!

We're really happy. That's Levi's really happy face...and mine looks a lot like that too if I'm honest.

There is relief, overwhelming gratitude and excitement. Currently we have two more steps before travel with one being an unpredictable court time. Regardless, we have been looking often at the three new pictures we received and working on a video to send with some final needed documents. One day soon R will sleep under her little patchwork quilt and start the process of acclimating. We're counting the days...and they're getting shorter. We've been told sometime around October or November we could travel...but we know how adoption timelines roll. So, we're still doing lots of praying and lots of 2 fooning

She's coming!! The only thing that helped me some days was closing my eyes and remembering the things I know God said. To remind myself that she will be here and we can talk about all this time that she's been waiting and we've been praying, longing to know her. She's being placed in this family...and she's for sure, really coming. India wrote what we sensed all along-- no objections!  

Only a few court dates to go, God willing, before sharing her name and picture!


Peter and Nancy said...

So happy for you after you held onto hope for so long! Hallelujah!

The Frisk Five said...

Praising God and rejoicing with you today and crying tears of joy!