Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Days

I've gotten overwhelmed with the number of pictures I've hoped to share here. So before June becomes a rerun of last semester with few pictures or posts, here are a few of the fun from the last month. 

 photo photo-872_zps9230f851.jpg
A trip to the zoo

In 2009 as a direct answer to prayer I started keeping Lukas and Everett. Everett was still crawling and Lukas was Levi's age. For five years we've grown to love these boys as family. They are our buddies. The end of this month begins a new chapter for their family as they move to Texas so we've been thankful to have good time with them before they head out. 

 photo IMG_6042_zpsa3178418.jpg
Boat races in the parking lot

 photo photo-85_zpsb364ef7d.jpg
Fun on the new water slide
We love these boys! 

 photo photo-89_zpsd6cd1fa2.jpg
The chief inventors at Everett's sixth birthday party
 photo photo-861_zpsc69ef188.jpg
Youngest inventor
It's hard to believe we're already a month into our summer break with school getting out in May. The time has been filled with a lot of this...

 photo photo-871_zpscdbae455.jpg

and this...

 photo photo-89_zps9da5366e.jpg
The Tegen family has lots of birthdays in May and June.
and definitely a lot of this...

 photo 101_0215_zps0f293c5e.jpg

Phil, our boss and friend, bought a pontoon boat a month ago that we've packed out on more than one occasion spending a whole lot of time at the lake.

 photo photo-893_zpsf0c427f4.jpg
With the Gilberts

 photo photo-89_zps10545e29.jpg
Docking for some Wendy's frosties on Father's Day
 photo 101_0231_zps09b0e821.jpg
Trying out one of the lake's many rope swings

The most recent lake trip we got to take my parents on. It was their first time on a pontoon and my dad's first experience riding a jet ski. We made it memorable by swamping the pontoon with too many people and having to all run to the back to save the nose-diving vessel. Mom was a trooper and Dad was even brave enough to keep riding after my crazy jet ski driving. 

 photo 101_0243_zpscd7be9c5.jpg

 photo a08e5b2b-df42-4ed9-aaa2-fc38fa2a3194_zps160afa86.jpg

Mom and Dad are on the road back home this afternoon and with Levi napping it seemed like the perfect time to share pictures. Hope you enjoyed! 

Happy almost officially summer to you!

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