Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This last month held a LOT. But the biggest, most notable thing was ushering in a new year with Levi. He realized it was a big deal. At 5 am he came to our bed and said with overwhelming excitement, "It's my burfday." Later he asked, "Am I a gown-up now?" "Nope," I told him. "Not yet." And that makes me so happy. 

Levi is now somewhat interested in dinosaurs thanks to PBS Kids' Dinosaur Train so we pulled together a few things from campus and had a dinosaur party with family.

The dinosaur bones were excavated and the baby dinos hatched in minutes which was quite ridiculous being that it took me three days to encapsulate them in paper mache. 

After some dinosaurs and presents, we had one last surprise... One night after coming out of our school's cafeteria (caf-ah-tee-tah according to Levi) we saw a wish lantern in the sky. Levi was amazed and especially wowed when Jason's parents brought one to our house that had fallen on the road. We heard about the "Japanese yanterns" for over a month and so we order a few to surprise him. They were every bit as exciting as Levi made them out to be. Little and big kids alike were mesmerized.

The night we launched one there was virtually no wind and the lantern went straight up and virtually disappeared. (We sent two up during the day and one at night. Our favorite was the night because the flame was visible for a long time.) It was a really fun way to celebrate. 

So now we're entering a new stage. There is an obvious growth spurt going on, a new battle of wills and a growing vocabulary. Just today while picking flowers Levi held one up and said, "This is lovely. I'm going to hug it." Where does he come up with this stuff? Meanwhile he still can't remember to say three when people ask his age or figure out how to hold up three fingers. It reminds me that he's certainly not all grown up yet and that's a great thing! 

Happy birthday my little love.


Martin LaBar said...

A wish lantern, and dinosaur digging. Great!

Peter and Nancy said...

I just read a whole bunch of past entries! I love the book you made for R. We are also trying to learn a little bit of Kannada before travel, and more sign language too. Glad you shared your blog in the FB adoption group!

The Frisk Five said...

Sounded like a wonderful day. Welcome to the world of threes. ;P