Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blog Blitz, Part II: Eight is Great

Last month we celebrated. Eight years of marriage has taught us a lot about giving and confessing and compromising and a whole lot about being teachable. We are complete opposites in many respects and have had our work cut our for us. Take, for instance, the simple way we do things.

This would be Jason's way of putting things away.

And this would be mine.

I can say that these kinds of simple differences (notice who's writing this blog post) equal eight years of lively discussions. And eight years of trying harder still can't put the organization into someone or even take a hint of it out. But we are so much richer, so much better for having each other and all of our differences!

One way we use these differences to our advantage is by taking turns planning anniversary celebrations. Jason always has his plans in place months in advance. Mine might be finalized the day before we walk out the door. But this year, Jason was planning and lucky for him he's a runner. In his book running makes you a winner and this time, his running literally paid off. At a recent 5k Jason won his age division with the prize of a free night's stay at an ultra-nice local downtown hotel. Add to that an additional free upgrade when we arrived, and we were staying at a suite, downtown, for free.

While Jason and I have many differences, one similarity is our love for simple cuisine. There were many amazing restaurants to pick from but we found ourselves sitting in a little sandwich shop and drinking coffee ground from beans  from our daughter's home state in India. There were some chocolate fudge cupcakes involved too...and that was the PERFECT night out to us. Forget a $70 meal. We'll take $20 and some really meaningful coffee.

Getting away to stop, to talk, to process is so good. Doing so consistently even when it means wading through some disagreements keeps hearts connected. And because of it we can say for real that eight is great.  

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Martin LaBar said...

Eight years? Wow!

Nice room.