Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Week's Arsenal

A big ole adoption update is coming soon...our timeline gives a bare bones look at what's been going on...but before that I wanted to share a quick challenge.

Do you ever realize you haven't been trusting God fully or that you've been under some attack by the enemy and it's doing a number on you? Tonight I got a call from a praying friend. She called on an oh-so-timely evening to remind me to unswervingly sing God's praises and believe. And she has a way of parting the grey clouds to help you see the truth in a matter. It's no wonder. The girl walks with God. She has trusted through impossible, even life-threatening things, and seen God's provision.  He has walked with her through the valley of the shadow of death and brought her out alive. Tonight the sweet Holy Spirit prompted her to call and remind me to cling to the Lord. 

So this challenge is here because I know I'm not the only one needing to remember to cling this coming week. And as a lesson from India taught me, worship is a vital part of clinging. Today it just so happens that I heard two great songs I've tucked in my arsenal beside the Word for the week. 
Hope you might find these big guns helpful and that a fight rises up inside us that says lies won't be acceptable, second best won't do. To God alone belongs praise. He is our hope in every circumstance. He is trustworthy and so, so good.


{my favorite line is "my strength in life is I am yours..."}

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